Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?


Innervate. Rapture. Apotheosis. Divine shield. Netherwalk. Ice block. Turtle. Off the top of my head.

Let’s be frank though - the feedback when this first came in reached Biblical flood proportions, it seems a little risible to be asking for examples now.

(Fenrirulv) #126

Druid Frenzied Regeneration really needs to come off the GCD. It is very frustrating as a tank to have to literally stop what you’re doing and wait out the GCD in order to use a reactive defensive ability. I often find myself trying to use it, only to have to push the button several times in order to make it actually go off because at the times I need it, i don’t have time to stop what I’m doing and wait for it to actually be usable.

(Divenity) #127

All mobility spells… If any of them are taken off the GCD all of them should be.


Like ion said its not about the half gcd after using an ability its the having to hold it. Having to hold abilities to use death grip feels so bad. Especially annoying while tanking, I can no longer instantly wrangle a mob that someone aggroed, I have to stop all mitigation and damage so i can get it in.

(Malus) #130

What would stand to benefit from GCD being removed:

  • Death grip.
  • Mass Grip
  • Wraith Walk
  • Pillar of Frost (So many GCD’s before combat can even start. The new Frostwhelp’s Indignation azerite trait is not an excuse to keep this on GCD)

Edit: Removed other class requests to stick to GCD topic.


Lol. Reverting all GCD changes in BfA would be a great start. Worst class design of any expansion to date. Why does gameplay need to feel sluggish and clunky? Why do we need to remind such stubborn developers of statements that have been given for months on end at this point? You know where to find the feedback. This fake professionalism is nauseating and condescending.

(Mythlos) #132

Tfw I’m now a Fire Mage.

(Varrow) #133

Imagine if they weren’t wasting all their time on a complete sh*t change that no one asked for. Maybe we would have actually had decent class design in BfA. Great allocation of resources there!

(Varrow) #134

Also this.

(Sifting) #135

arcane mage opener…
battle potion
charged up
time warp
rune of power
presence of mind
arcane power
arcane blast
so 6 gcd’s before my first nuke, awesome game design


Please take Shield of Vengeance and Divine Steed off the GCD. Ret doesn’t have a single movement or defensive ability that isn’t on the GCD and that portion of Ret’s toolkit is an awful play experience compared to any other character that I play.

(Volstatsz) #139
  1. Tombstone. Tombstone is a defensive cooldown, and putting it on the GCD greatly diminishes its value as a talent, with no apparent reason for placing it on the GCD.
  2. Dancing Rune Weapon. Despite its offensive benefits, DRW is a defensive cooldown, and Blood has no other/actual offensive cooldown that could be “stacked” with it, even if concerns of tank classes doing imbalanced DPS from stacking cooldowns was a problem to begin with.

(Kagh) #140

Sweeping Strikes - Because it feels like hot garbage.


Every ability that was off the GCD before the changes I feel should be off the GCD, classes suck to play when I have to forego using an attacking ability to add a buff. Classes were fun to play before GCD changes, and now they aren’t.

(Joeeý) #142

Dude if it was off the GCD before it should be off now. We don’t want to play FFXIV beta anymore. Did anyone in the office actually get any feedback from blizzcon at all or are we just trolling ourselves here by thinking that things are going to improve. Ion Hagendaaz himself said things were coming off and there’s a list of like 7 things? What world is this?


Stuff off gcd, ok, great. I would love if Blizzard could take a good lock into certain specs castdependency as well, especially for specs like demonlocks.

Tyrant should be an instant cast, dreadstalkers should also be an instant cast baseline and not as a pvptalent. The way warlocks deal damage in BFA is extremely inefficient, our burst requires a chain of casts to be efficient, as opposed to the majority of other classes that clicks an instant button after a sequence of other instant abilities and damage happens.

In a interruptheavy meta with 2-3 kicks per team, and 1-2 stuns plus incaps and other mechanics per character, warlocks dmg is too easy to lock down and avoid.

(Belerian) #144

So glad having unsubbed.
It’s digusting, that Divine Steed for paladin is still on the gcd. But yeah, go on, take some more spells for DH off the gcd, they deserve it.
Those half-a**ed actions do nothing.


Deathgrip needs to be off the GCD again.
Reasons, especially pvp related:
It is the direct counter to movement abilities which will now have the advantage. Dks are already have to sacrifice runes for their slows and outside of death advance are a slow sitting duck. Instantly gripping a leap, shadowstep, disengage, charge, harpoon -> trap on your healer is an important part of the dk class which separates experienced dks from lesser ones.
In arena it is important to grip spells from off targets while dpsing another target. Cannot do this fluidly atm as the cast most likely will go off during your global.

(Nicodemùs) #146

Honestly, having dps cooldowns on the GCD feels bad. If stacking cooldowns is the problem, why not simply have have a dps cooldown prevent the activation of other dps cooldowns while you have the buff? In this way we still get the fluid play of an oGCD dps cooldown but we can’t stack them.


The entire GCD change just needs to be reverted. I was totally for it before it was implemented because it SOUNDED like a good idea for pvp balance, but it just feels terrible. Please don’t try to slowly walk it back to avoid having to admit you were wrong. Just do it and move on.