Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?


a fire mage complaining about other classes lol that got me good


I could have sworn we had a list of Death Knight spells that were also removed from the GCD? I’m alarmed that the patch is next week and a list hasn’t been finalized?

But here are the musts for Death Knight. See the bottom for additional ‘I wish these were also instant’ list:

Pillar of Frost - Skill is nothing but utility and one in a long chain of instant cast, utility only/mainly skills that we must trigger.

Empower Rune Weapon - Skill is nothing but utility and one in a long chain of instant cast, utility only/mainly skills that we must trigger.

Wraithwalk - A movement skill (that should be a leap and not just a movement increase imo) that is utility oriented.

Death’s Advance - Another utility oriented movement skill.

Death Grip - A utility movement skill.

Gorefiend’s Grasp - Utility like death Grip.

Unholy Frenzy - Utility only.

Dark Transformation - Utility Only.

Anti-Magic Shell - If Ignore Pain, why not this defensive cooldown?

Death’s Pact - If Ignore Pain, why not this defensive cooldow?

Vampiric Blood - Defensive Cooldown like Ignore Pain.

I wish these were also instant:
Remorseless Winter - This is largely a utility skill but because of its damage component I guess isn’t considered?


SPIRIT WALK (make immune from movement effects for duration as well, it doesn’t make sense right now)


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Can Shaman potentially get the Ancestral Guidance (tier 75 Talent Row) off the GCD? It was back in MoP when we used it more but now in high end Mythic + I’m finding it more useful. Being only a noticeable cooldown in aoe situations and having to put down two or more Earthquakes in preparation before using the spell is unneeded. Having such a short duration on the aura making it off the gcd would benifit a lot to off healing as elemental shaman.

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Deaths grip i feel is the most important one to remove from GCD. But thered have to be a way to make it so that you dont accidentally double cast it when you grab the PVP talent that lets you have 2 stacks. My main reasoning for wanting it off GCD is the clunkyness of it. Sometimes i press it after another ability and think it doesnt register so i press it again and it feels like it queues it up twice and i use both charged of my grip.

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Idk what game have you been playing but half of these are off the GCD, also offensive cds are not utility and they are the main reason of all this gcd change and a its a good change for pvp.

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Exhilaration for hunters, not even sure why it was on there in the first place.

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of the 2 classes I play the most Hunter and Spriest, I’d have to say the amount of times I’ve died wondering why my VE didn’t heal me only to notice it never went off cause of the GCD :sob: very frustrating esp when in void form since if your not on the gcd casting your doing it wrong.

With hunter the opener fells super clunky, because of BW and Aspect, then during the rotation on bosses the frustration of dropping a 3 stack of frenzy cause you were on the gcd as it came off cd.

Exhilaration being on the gcd has got me a few times too, but we have spirit mend off the gcd since it a pet skill for bm so I guess that would be why. maybe have it off the gcd for surv and mm ?


You’re right, several of them are. One correction though as I meant Anti-Magic Zone and not Shell. But there is no reason to distinguish between ‘offensive’ and ‘defensive’ cooldowns. Skills that just provide utility and nothing else have no excuse being attached to a GCD. If the goal is to make offensive cooldowns to be on a global, then make them do something more like deal damage.

Otherwise you make a very poor attempt at distinguishing between a offensive and defensive cooldown. Why should something that knocks back and does damage be considered defensive when something else that does nothing but makes your pet gain a stun be considered offensive?


What abilities should be off the GCD?: How about all of the abilities that used to be off the GCD as a starting point. Offensives, mobility, defensives, a lot of utility spells.

Why?: Because for what appears to be a large portion of the game’s population, the GCD change is a net negative to fun and playability for the game. Regardless of whatever “good for the health of the game” reasons it was originally done - A LOT of players seem to feel that BFA plays worse than Legion, and this is a major contributing factor.

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Wall o’ text sorrynotsorry. It’s proper feedback and not just ranting about the world falling, I swear.

I think a golden rule for the GCD is - if pre-planning for something requires you to stop using abilities in advance so you can react appropriately when it happens, then the relevant ability has no place on the GCD (stuns I think being a fair exception maybe, with pvp in mind). IMO this extends to healing cooldowns as well, but I’m not a healer so can’t provide much feedback there.

As others have said, DH Sigils. Sigil of Flame gets a pass because it’s a damage ability, but the others are seriously unpleasant to utilise mid-combat with a GCD. They are already penalised by an activation period, which is fine, but there’s no need to make timing even more frustrating.

For a hypothetical combat situation: I’m tanking, and waiting for a mob to cast [some spell], so I can interrupt it with Sigil of Silence. I’m expecting the spell to cast within the next 5 seconds, and it has a 2.5 second cast time so I can get it with a well timed Sigil. To not risk being caught out by the GCD at an awkward moment, I would need to not cast abilities - you know, the ones keeping my alive -for (potentially) that entire 5 second period. Which would be stupid, so of course I’m not going to do that. Which results in Sigil of Silence being under-used. It’s a cool ability which requires some pre-planning. Let us utilise that.

Some others off the top of my head:

  • Death Grip (since Harpoon is coming off the gcd, same reasoning - it’s a gap closer)

  • Wraith Walk (having a GCD on this feels abysmal. Meaninglessly irritating to use when in the middle of combat)

  • Maybe Darkness/Rallying Cry etc. Punishing dps with a GCD for being good little buttercups and helping the raid is probably the wrong direction to go in. The great feeling of doing good by the raid with a perfectly timed Darkness is muted a bit if it caused me to miss a Death Sweep just as Meta is expiring. Also meant I had to pause abilities just beforehand so I could cast it in time.

  • Intimidation for hunters. I know it’s a stun, but so is the Unholy ghoul stun and that is off GCD. It’s attached to the pet just like the ghoul, so what gives? We have to deal with the genuinely awful target swapping of it so give the good with the bad please.

Honestly damaging abilities on the GCD hasn’t felt too bad, but there are a few classes it’s exacerbated on (Unholy DK [transformation + frenzy + apocalypse] and Windwalker [Xuen + SE&F + ToD]) which should be looked at with some priority. The feeling is along the lines of great I’ve just played a song with my cooldown keybinds - can I start to dps now?

Also bit off topic but -

Uhh, yes please. Functioning like a leap with the visuals of stepping through the shadows instead of literally leaping could have some amazing spell effects. Very wraith-y.

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I’d love to see fury’s recklessness at least not “trigger” the gcd. It loses an entire gcd’s worth of its duration and usefulness. It’s not really as long as the tooltip says it is, if I’m correctly understanding the way it works since the change in 8.0.

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I don’t wanna go and just list every possible ability like some people above, some of them are even listing stuff that has always been in the GCD. Instead I’m going to only include the ones that actually cause issues or I believe deserve consideration and explain why do I feel that way:

Innervate - I go in depth about this one in an earlier post, but from all the abilities added to the GCD this is the one that feels the most out of place to me, adding it to the GCD (and adding Lively Spirit to as an incentive to use it) makes it so it’s no longer being used as intended.

WW Monk CDs - One (or more) of the DPS cooldowns for WW monk should come off the GCD, otherwise it falls into multiple globals for “powering up” until you actually start doing damage, this cooldowns are: Storm Earth and Fire, Touch of Death, Xuen. Touch of karma should also not be a part of the offensive CDs but that’s a different subject.

Druid shape-shifting - From a Resto Druid that goes in and out of cat form to weave some DPS (“cat weaving”) if feels too slow to have a GCD when you enter Cat form and another GCD when you shift out of it I understand perhaps having one when shifting in but then maybe shifting out can be off the GCD??. Another example is a feral druid wanting to use Remove Corruption, he has to spend 3 GCDs to shift-out, use the spell, and shift back in.

Disc Priest Rapture - In its current state I think I’m ok with this one being on the GCD (I still rather have it off but it’s not that big of a deal, at least in PvE) but the upcoming changes for 8.1 that bring back the weakened soul debuff I think it may change things and perhaps this could be a decent compensation now that we won’t be able to re-shield an ally in an emergency outside of Rapture.

I’m sure there are others but this are the ones that stand out the most to me from the specs I play: Disc Priest, Holy Priest, MW Monk, WW Monk, Resto and Balance Druid.


I would love to see grounding totem removed from the GCD, seeing as every time I need to use it, I have already pushed a button, and can’t drop it even after cancelling my cast. I get hardly any use out of it as a reactionary button. It would work the same for pre-empting some stuff, but sometimes it feels nice to react to something happening and be able to do the action you are trying to do.

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Paladin mount isn’t getting taken off the GCD? It’s a movement ability

Bubble should be too, it doesn’t make sense that bop isn’t on the GCD but divine shield is


Shouldn’t Feral Lunge be off the GCD for enhancement if harpoon is off the GCD for survival?

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Sort of on a tangent here with this one, but semi-related: Shimmer should back on its old 15 second cooldown that was originally changed during the beta despite being a 15 second spell since its inception. Don’t think the mobility nerf was really necessary, especially since Ice Floes became a Frost-only talent in the same row as Shimmer (used to have both last xpac). Alter Time also no longer exists and the blink glyphs from MoP (+8 yards and 2 charges) were removed when the the glyph system was discontinued.

Along that same vein, regular blink has always been on the GCD, and removing it would certainly make the other talent options in the row finally more appealing (Ice Floes for Frost, Slipstream for Arcane, Blazing Soul for Fire). This might be too OP for PVP, though, but I can say for sure that it wouldn’t break other aspects of the game, and you’d still see a lot of mages opt for Shimmer to have the second charge. There’s some really good alternatives there though. That entire row would be a lot more interesting. Arcane has it good with Displacement, but I’d definitely appreciate it with Glacial Spike Frost. Fire’s alright with Scorch (low dmg though) + Frenetic Speed. But yeah, Mages would love it, as long as it doesn’t break PVP. I personally think all three should have had the old Blazing Speed talent put into the second row to compete, but Shimmers still really really good. A world with a Blink off the GCD and Shimmer back to 15 seconds would see a whole lot of diversity.


What’s your opinion on the mages [Ice Block]? For the class, it’s a stronger feeling of class design when you you’re just about to die and you have this perfectly times button that saves your life in my, and im sure many others opinions. But as of now, spamming a button, moving slightly to stop casting and waiting for the GCD does’t feel too hype to play.

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Should we just rehash the alpha/beta forum posts on GCD for more examples of what shouldnt be there? Do you really need us to go over it again?



Taking Netherwalk off would be great. It’s both a defensive and mobility so it feels terrible having it on the GCD.