Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Taeldoriàn) #84

Gonna go ahead and say Divine Steed like I referenced earlier.

As a holy Paladin I essentially have 1 mobility spell on a 45 second CD. It feels pretty awful but it’s manageable with good pre-positioning, however I don’t understand why it needs to be on the GCD. It’s already punishing enough to have 1 mobility spell, it doesn’t need to be on the GCD to increase that punishment further.

Yes, we have access to cavalier but we certainly will not take that with rule of law on that row as well. You can look through WLogs and see how common RoL is, cavalier just won’t compete in a raid setting. Cavalier isn’t a huge boost either and still wouldn’t be enough to consider DS being on the GCD.

TLDR: If mobility is coming off the GCD (thankfully) then please remove Divine steed from it too. We’re already punished by having 1 mobility option on a fairly long CD, it doesn’t need to be hindered any further. If classes with the best mobility are having their mobility spells taken off the GCD then please consider doing it for the classes that are already punished heavily with low mobility as well.

(Varsity) #85

cant say much about vamp embrace but comm shout is op. it essentially gives everyone +10% hp in one button push. thats about what revival does assuming no crit. if your raiders arent using it make them.

(Baoh) #86


  • Roll / Chi Torpedo
  • Transcendence: Transfer
  • Flying Serpent Kick

Did you just forget Monks exist again? Those are literally core movement abilities, analogous to what you listed for every other melee class.

(Varrow) #87

This is a problem across the entire game. No consistency. I don’t know if they are just lazy, understaffed, or what. But it’s pretty stupid.

(Alvaroj) #88

Because it’s a completely different spell


Light/Hand of the Protector. As a reactive ability, having it on the GCD feels pretty bad and fundamentally limits the usefulness of the ability.

(Rixa) #90

I think that frost mage’s Icy Veins should be removed from the GCD. Although it’s a dps cooldown, which the developers have said they plan to keep on the GCD, I think this decision should be reconsidered in the case of Icy Veins.

Icy Veins doesn’t actually do anything or any damage on its own (without certain azerite traits). All it does is speed up your spellcasting. This means that casting Icy Veins and then having to wait while you do absolutely nothing until you start casting again feels bad and takes away from exciting moments (e.g. when you pop heroism and other cooldowns/trinkets etc.). Further, Icy Veins only lasts 20 sec, so the GCD eats into its short duration, meaning you only get about 18 sec worth of the buff.


Beastial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild. If those two spells were taken off the GCD I, along with quite a few hunters would be really happy.

(Schwarzkopf) #93

Arcane Power and any other VERY short lived buffs (seconds) where the GCD devalues the duration significantly. It only needs to not generate a GCD, don’t mind it respecting any existing GCD.

(Jere) #94

Will the prot pally equivalent to this tool be taken off the GCD? Light/Hand of the Protector. Having it on the GCD makes reacting to large magic attacks very dicey.

(Surge) #95

Feral Lunge seems like it should fit the bill since it’s literally just a reskinned charge.


Abilities that should be off the GCD:
Death Grip: Dks are very bad in the pvp meta at the moment. This would only help balance them up.
Wraith Walk: Movement Ability that is already bad in itself. Should at least be off the GCD
Empower Rune Weapon: It’s not fun, slow and counter-intuitive to eat a dead time GCD to fight dead times.
Horn of Winter: You have to eat a dead GCD to stop having dead times. It’s counter intuitive.

For Priests, Feathers should be off the GCD. Same with Premonition. With the nerf to PW:S now having a CD, you should consider putting rapture off the GCD.

Demon Hunter’s Vengeance Talent Demonic Trample should also be off the GCD.


Stead charge, hand of the protector, bop and bubble???


I’d like the team to consider the Mana Tea talent for mistweavers. I want to use Mana Tea during situations when a raid or group requires extensive emergency healing, but because of the GCD I’m often dissuaded from using it for fear of someone dying by the time the cooldown is done.

(Whitecrow) #99

Prot Warrior:
Ignore Pain and Demoralizing Shout being on the GCD feels awkward.

It’s also slightly anger inducing to know that Barkskin ( A parallel to Demo Shout) is still off the GCD and not subject to this awkwardness…

Demo Shout
45sec CD
Reduces Damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds.

1.5 min CD
Reduces Damage taken by 20% for 12 seconds.
Off GCD.

{◕ _ ◕} The Sha of Happiness is not pleased!


Guardian druids Frenzied regen needs to be off GCD. No explanation needed, play one or ask any single person who plays one.
Paladin Light/Hand of the protector needs to be off GCD. Fun clutch moments of saving team mates/yourself are impacted when you’re waiting for GCD.

(Schwarzkopf) #101

I think that the GCD should be split on abilities. Generate and ignore a GCD.

Any ability which you cannot predict its use - should always ignore the GCD
Any short duration ability (seconds) - should never generate a GCD.

That pretty much sums it up.


Divine Steed. Divine Steed. Divine Steed.



Hunters needs some work, definitely BM. Their damage in PvP is slow and unsatisfying enough, being able to macro something would help. We also need a good Kill Command buff, I can’t kill anything in crucial moments!


That and bring back mark of aluneth for Arcane!