Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Abruek) #63

Maybe you should’ve paid attention when the 8.0 beta forums were a thing instead of deleting all the feedback entirely. As for Paladin we’re still waiting for Divine Steed, Avenging wrath/Crusader, Aura Mastery, Hands, and many, many more.

Yes, and if you deathgrip a Priest casting Holy Word: Salvation it will interrupt the cast…

(Xoja) #64

Yes, because it is a displacement ability, not a traditional interrupt in World of Warcraft. You know… the “interrupt” classification of abilities like Mind Freeze.

(Turnberry) #65

Seraphim for Prot Paladins should be off the GCD. It’s the least used talent in the row and really only used to parse in raids or for content you outgear to get it done quicker. You consume two Shield of the Righteous charges, which themselves are OFF the GCD to use Seraphim, so it would only make sense that the ability itself was also off the GCD. This would also potentially make it a more viable option in that last talent row.

(Cbegsdh) #66

Fiery brand - this spell is a defensive spell with a damage variable. It could either be re-worked to require a special ability to activate the damage and allow the defensive portion work as is, or just removed from the GCD regardless since the damage portion isn’t that large in comparison to other spells in vengeance DH kit.

Death grip - it’s strcictly a utility spell and not usable on many encounters/mobs.

Wraith walk: can’t remember if it is on GCD or not, but again because it’s strictly utility.

Divine steed: Again this ability is strictly utility so it should be off of the GCD.

Hand of the protector: This is what made prot paladins fun and wanted in raid, when they didn’t need to heal themselves they could help by off-healing. Now there’s no real reason to take a prot paladin to mythic raids unless that’s just the class that can do so at the time. It also made paladins a decent choice without making them the top tier tank cough BRM cough. I don’t even want to see BRM get nerfed, but a small QOL/survivability buff to other tanks would be nice.

I think blizzard needs to do a better job at defining what should/shouldn’t be on the GCD because currently there is no definition and it’s poorly explained. It feels bad if you play a class with all abilities on the GCD as opposed to one with them all off the GCD.

(Turnberry) #67

Hard agree with light/hand of the protector. Serves the same function as ignore pain and should also be taken off GCD


All Offensive CDs, all attacking spells, etc. should be part of the GCD.
Anything that does not directly contribute to DPS should be off the GCD. What should be off the GCD are abilities like Asphyxiate, Divine Steed, Hammer of Justice, Wraith Walk, (Defensives, Movement Abilities) etc.

(Elierra) #69

Yes, Blade Flurry really needs to be off the GCD. Not only is having to spam the button to toggle it annoying but, now that it has a limited duration of 12 seconds by default, we’re losing out on any BF’d damage from our non-autoattack abilities for the GCD time because we can’t do anything but sit there and autoattack while the GCD counts down.


I’m fine with offensive cds being on the GCD if they actually did something on activation other than boring flat bonus damage.

Arcane Power for example. It eats almost 20% of the duration which forces weird casting cycles in the window based on your Haste, and creating weird issues with PoM to actually get enough Blasts off, and it’s just a boring damage increasing cooldown with no other activation effect.

Defensives and mobility though def need to be removed.


Divine Steed.
It’s literally just a movement increase, and it feels so clunky to have to use it and miss another hit on the boss because of that.
At least in the case of most of the ones that are being changed, they have secondary effects like removing snares, applying a snare, doing damage, or generating a resource.

(Migolcow) #72

Would also echo the strong need for Divine Steed for Prot paladins.

Really hurts on some fights, particularly mythic Mother when you’re trying to reach and grab aggro on adds during the wind, but it’s on the gcd so good luck getting them before someone dies.

(Holymonky) #74

The biggest one I can think of is Innervate, for Resto Druid simply because having it in the GCD makes it better to give it to another healer rather than to use it on yourself.

And even more important, for Balance Druid, during Beta there were already concerns that putting Innervate in the GCD would punish Balance Druids for using it. Then Lively spirit was introduced, this indeed incentivize the use of Innervate, the problem with this is that it’s now being used as a DPS cooldown for them.

You could try to finx how lively spirit works, but honestly, there were never issues with Innervate in Legion, they all originated when adding it to the GCD, so really, just take it off and remove (or rework) Lively spirit so Innervate is used as intended.

(Mythlos) #75


Delete Shimmer so we can actually have a choice on that row

(Siegmund) #76

Divine Steed, Light/Hand of the protector. The GCD on those can get you killed.

(Sylva) #77

Please consider Druid forms. If you wanted to narrow it down to just Feral, then that’s fine too. Seeing as this is mainly a feral/melee issue.

Having forms on GCD cause feral to burn 2-3 GCDs. Example, I use remove corruption on a group member in an M+, I am pulled out of cat form and initiate the GCD. Once I’m off GCD I can now reenter cat form, and initiate the GCD again. Now once that’s down I can finally go back to using my melee rotation. This is incredibly jarring, and it’s something no one else has to deal with- enchancement shaman, ret pally.

You can move that scenario to anything pulling you out of forms.

If you pull it off the GCD, obviously put a mana cost back on forms, this is fair.

Conversely, take note of you WoD talents. Claws of shirvallah allowed us to stay in forms. Simply allow all our instant cast abilities to keep us in forms. Anything that’s casting I guess can pull us out, but ultimately why do we need to be pulled out of forms to cast? It’s gotta be off the GCD or this.

(Argent) #78

Shield of Vengeance for Retribution Paladins would’ve made sense to me. Divine Steed for all three Paladin specs too. Divine Steed especially feels like it should be off, as it is a mobility spell much like many of the others that are being taken off the GCD.

(Varsity) #79

keep on going. take em all off. the gcd change is in no way fun or interactive and just provides frustration to players. ive died so man times because i began channeling an eye beam right before a deadly mechanic happened and i couldnt move nor fel rush because the gcd was literally too long to wait.

makes no sense how ret paladin is still the least mobile spec and has to deal with steed being on gcd.

(Nzete) #80

Could we get healer cooldown abilities off the global cooldown (with a mutually exclusive caveat for specs with more than one - I haven’t played a h paladin in a while but my recollection is that they had a lot of “heal better for a time” buttons) and just make it one global cooldown shorter? Having a discussion with yourself where you think “oh crap, the tank is suddenly and unexpectedly taking crap tons of damage and I need to bump it up - serenity is on cooldown, I need to hit apotheosis and get super high output… but the tank might die in the global from hitting the cooldown… but just hitting flash heal until serenity comes back isn’t going to keep him from dieing” isn’t a lot of fun.

Yes, you can try to predict damage but that is in the realm of guesswork. I end up with wasted uses due to factors beyond my control. I also end up with “I wish I could hit it but I don’t have time” due to the global cooldown.


Raid buffs should be off the GCD. It feels pretty terrible to have to rebuff someone who died and can make you feel sad that your own performance is hindered by it. Battle Shout, Power Word: Fortitude, and Arcane Intellect are significant enough that not rebuffing it is detrimental to your group.

It feels terrible that someone else’s mistake means a GCD for one player to battle res, another for another player to rebuff stamina, and a third player’s GCD to rebuff whatever appropriate nearly 10% damage buff. That’s three players having to spend a GCD on someone else’s potential mistake in a raid, and it feels unfulfilling and frustrating.

(Viinblind) #82

Commanding shout and vampiric embrace. Both aren’t very serious CDs. and are hardly used because they waste valuable GCD.

(Failedwizard) #83

How about removing Charged Up from the GCD since it isn’t a direct damage cooldown but rather a setup cooldown that doesn’t net immediate results to your DPS, currently we press 2-3 buttons before starting our burn phase.