Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Abruek) #43

It’s interrupts spell casting…
Interupt≠Silences, they are completely different and have been since vanilla

(Diecruxx) #44

Yes. In what universe is a 'pseudo-interrupt" the same as a full on stun?

It’s a gap closer, that can interrupt most casts, and is one of our only utility abilities. It needs to be off GCD.

Edit: its sad that i even have to consider DG as a utility ability becasue we have lost everything else.

(Whiskeyjack) #45

In the game that is what an Interrupt is. An interrupt stops a cast and initiates a spell lockout of the magic class the cast belonged to.

Death Grip is a pseudo-interrupt. It stops a cast but it does not lock the caster out of that school of magic for a few seconds. A stun can also be a pseudo-interrupt. An incapacitate can also be a pseudo-interrupt. A knockback can also be a pseudo-interrupt.

(Solarus) #46

So… Paladins get new animations instead of gameplay improvements? One of, if not THE, the lowest mobility melee class in the game, with a 45sec CD on it’s 3sec speed boost (with 2 charges IF talented), still has the GCD to worry about… Not to mention, utility is kind of half of the Paladin’s kit, with all the Hand and Blessing spells that are all utility. None of them are rotational, used on CD, or DPS impacting.

(Abruek) #47

No… A silence locks the user out of the particular school of magic. An interrupt stops the caster’s current spell, without locking it out.

(Jackson) #48

Ever read an interrupt’s tooltip Abruek?

(Whiskeyjack) #49

Correct, so make the argument that it’s your gap closer. I won’t argue with that. Using the argument that it’s your interrupt so it should be off the GCD, which is what the other person was doing, is nothing.


From a druids point of view if it hasn’t already been stated.
Iron fur and Frenzied regen would be a good start.
Typhoon and Ursol’s Vortex as well as they are now defensive cool downs in a way for Guardians at least.


i think you should really let the dev team know that the way theyve tried to reduce the impact of cooldowns hasnt really worked. touch of death for instance feels bad applying, since it feels like i cant squeeze that extra bit of damage in there. when i would pop recklessness on my warrior it Felt bad that the duration was essentially cut by 1.5~ seconds.

Even if those spells are balanced around that idea it Feels bad. and it doesnt really prevent CD stacking, its still better for me to pop as much cooldowns as i can to make my touch of death even stronger.

if youre dead set on GCDs for offensive CDS then the offensive CDS need to feel better. make recklessness have your character bladestorm for 1gcd. make Xuens entrance cool and do some damage in an aoe (as two off the top of my head examples of what would feel cool and satisfying). in official capacities blizzard has talked about how taking things away is always much harder and in this case i think they really underestimated how bad it felt, even if the damage was literally 100% the same.

(Whiskeyjack) #52

Every single Interrupt has a silence for that class of magic, also known as a spell lockout, associated with it. Go read Rebuke’s tooltip.

(Solarus) #53

Interrupts DO also lock out the school if used successfully. Otherwise enemies would just immediately re-cast the spell you interrupted: They cannot, the whole elemental school it is linked to is locked out.


DKs what he is trying to say is that there is a difference between an action that INTERRUPTS A CAST (this can literally include any kind of CC including your grip) and a specific ability that is designed to and only interrupts spells (these always put whatever spell school was hit on a brief lockout).

Good grief.


Feral Lunge for enhancement. Likely even Ghost Wolf as a whole.

Bloodlust/Heroism is already off the GCD but it’s not usable while casting which can be frustrating.

Oh and Gust of Wind should be off the GCD, once you put the spell back in to the game.

(Xoja) #56

“Interrupt” abilities lock a school of magic. “Silence” spells lock all schools of magic.

Death Grip is a movement displacement ability, and it only stops casts that cannot be cast while moving.

In other words, if you Death Grip a Shaman casting during Spiritwalker’s Grace it will not interrupt that cast.

(Phartbox) #57

And shield block too. Other than that those are the two I’ve heard about as well.

(Solarus) #58

Things that force a PC or NPC to move do interrupt casting, cause movement interrupts casting (note: If they pop something to PREVENT movement breaking casting, it will not stop the cast, as an FYI). It’s not that Death Grip causes an interrupt. Death Grip causes the target to move, which breaks casting. Wording DOES matter, when one word being used is very directly associated to a different effect entirely.

(Zoumz) #59

Knockbacks aren’t class defining ability that replace mobility, same as stun or other form of what we call CC.

Deathgrip is about an instant response, a denial, a counter. (an interrupt :expressionless:) it doesn’t put any sort of CC on the target.

It can be compared to charge if you don’t like comparing it to other “game interrupts”.


Vampiric Embrace.

One of my favorite abilities since I roled a shadow priest back in MoP. But now since it’s on the GCD i feel punished by using it unless i’m moving, which means VE get’s punished cause i can’t do damage.

In legion it felt great to be able to pop VE near the end of a void form to get an decent amount of burst healing, but if I do that now I run the risk of falling out and doing nothing. I’ve heard that Hallucinations might become passive, which would reduce the drawback, but it not nearly as impactful as it being completely off the GCD.

It’s also not a very flashy ability, which I know was one of the main drivers of putting abilities on the GCD (being able to see when a powerful ability was cast).

Hope we can get VE removed from the GCD.

(Whiskeyjack) #61

Sure, like I said, if you want to argue that it should be off the GCD because it’s your mobility, go for it. But arguing that it should be off the GCD, which is what you were initially doing, because it’s an interrupt ability is wrong, because so many other things can also stop a cast through either movement displacement or incapacitation but have no business being off the GCD.

(Zoumz) #62