Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Gloworm) #21

nice! making it easier for melee to zoom around the arena like a juiced up choochoo train.

because it was sooooo tough for them before

good call


Innervate is definitely a spell that should be taken off the GCD since having it on their feels awkward for both Resto and Balance.

For Resto, you have to wait the GCD after using it on yourself to cast another spell, whereas an Innervate put on another healer can be used for the full effect (typically 1 extra GCD).

For Balance, it feels awkward to have to use a GCD to buff a healer (meaning the max DPS option is to just not use it at all), and feels even more awkward with the Lively Spirit trait.

(Jackson) #23

Bestial Wrath really needs to be off the GCD. With the barbed shot cooldown reduction mechanic being a main part of the spec, it feels overly clunky to have bestial wrath on the GCD as well. Frenzy uptime is so important that you’ll often have to waste 10 or 11 seconds of the Bestial Wrath CD reduction just to keep frenzy uptime, and that feels really bad. Having to use a GCD on it AND Aspect of the Wild is just overkill.

(Whiskeyjack) #24

Yeah, that too. I cannot imagine why some of the specs with the best mobility needed more help in that department. Havoc really needed that, didn’t it?


Frenzied regeneration back off the GCD would be a nice addition to the other Guardian buffs. It was nice to be able to use it in a pinch and not 1.* seconds later.

(Gurthäng) #27

Death Grip definitely doesnt belong to the GCD, it feels bad, its our gap closer and since we already have so poor utility as dps and missing an extra interrupt cause of the gcd is just awful.
And not to mention the amount of dps we lose when gripping during raid bosses cause of the gcd.


Death Grip should be pretty obvious. Just all major cooldowns too - designers finally realized this change was bad, and those abilities were part of the change.


yes PLEASE take rallying cry off the GCD I want to be able to save my raid without feeling awful about losing DPS


I mean why don’t you do your job instead of asking for information that’s been on the forums since alpha when the change happened in the first place?

(Zoumz) #31

Deathgrip is an interrupt ability, it should be off the gcd because of that. Also, I’ve heard also that the dk ai in the new islands expeditions bot comps use deathgrip as an interrupt vs casters so it’s clearly something obvious.

(Whiskeyjack) #32

Death Grip is not an interrupt ability. There is no spell lockout associated with it. Its function however allows it to work as a pseudo-interrupt. Stuns can also be used to stop a cast but no one’s going to make the argument that stuns should be off the GCD.

(Demo) #33

Light of the Protector for Protection Paladins, it’s a half GCD but I am tired of pressing it when I need a heal and not getting it. This is not a case of user error, it is a case of not being able to heal when needed due to bad timing (that you cannot control) and other things. Tank cooldowns are not on the GCD, their heals dont need to be either. (AS IN WHY PROT WARRIOR HEAL IS GOING OFF THE GCD, WHY ARENT THE OTHERS)

(Sharpbladez) #34

Blade Flurry needs to be removed from the GCD. Every single rogue Ive mentioned this to, agrees with me. Everytime Ive posted about it on these forums, its been upvoted like crazy. Its doesnt feel good to spend that second spamming Blade Flurry to turn on so you can continue your rotation. This 1 change would make Outlaw feel so much more fun to play.

(Liaka) #35

All vengeance demon hunter sigils should be off the GCD. If im trying to survive or control a situation i shouldnt have to use a GCD (or chain them for utility) to survive and kite mobs.

Another discussion should be why is sigil of chains not baseline and a new talent to make those sigils just 25% to 50% larger?

Sigil of Chains already takes 2 seconds to activate (which should be 1 second) because if I spend 1 GCD to put sigil and then it takes 2 seconds to activate. That’s 3 seconds I have to wait to kite mobs.

Why does BDK get tons of control and utility with EXTREMELY short cool downs (which haven’t even been addressed) to survive but vengeance demon hunter lag behind?

VDH needs another Demon Spikes or something which makes them less bursty. They are already represented the least in regards to raid tanking and take too much spike damage. It might be a crutch fix but it’s better than how they are at the moment.

Gluttony needs to be reworked so it just reduces the cooldown permanently on meta based on souls consumed over time so its not RNG based.

Fracture baseline. Tons of changes for the class.

Brewmaster Monk is a top pick because they take predictable damage over time while VDH takes spiky damage over time.

(Diecruxx) #36

Lol bad logic bro


Commanding shout needs to come off of the GCD as well especially for pvp reasons (in pve its a nice removal but isn’t a giant deal). As far as pvp survivability Cooldowns it is maybe one of the worst multiple person effecting spells in the game. Add on a range issue as well and you have a cooldown so bad that sometimes it simply isn’t worth using you might just be better off using that GCD for something else.

Not a good sign you should never hesitate to use a CD during a moment of duress because the show isn’t worth the price of admission due to a GCD penalty. Just my opinion but either CS needs a buff or it needs to come off of the GCD.

(Whiskeyjack) #39

Worse than calling Death Grip an interrupt?


1.- pillar of frost from frost dk, feels like I have to wait like 3 secs b4 start doing damage, makes it slow and clumsy, because I have to cast pillar of frost, remorseless winter then breath of syndragosa and empowered runeblade, that’s like 6 secs of not actually doing damage.
2.- rally cry on warrior and enraged regen, same concept but on defensive skills.
3.- maybe vendetta on sin rogues and other off cds, feels off that for some one to do damage has to actually wait for the animations and the gcds to go off.
4.- distraction on rogues, its not even a damage or defensive, its utility idk why its on a gdc.

(Thulen) #41

What about paladin’s blessings and divine steed?
Or they aren’t utility and movement spells?

(Zoumz) #42

Interrupt: “stop the continuous progress of (an activity or process).”

nothing says an interrupt needs to have a spell lockout.

You could also put it that way if you don’t like seeing it as an interrupt. It’s reverse charge, all charges are coming off gcd so why not death grip.