Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Rautha) #249

paladin spells that need to be OFF the GCD.

divine steed
blessing of freedom
divine shield

divine steed needs to be up all the time to escape boss mechanics
blessing of freedom is used to get out of boss mechanics
On fetid it is frustrating trying to max my dps only to get globaled on bubble and get hit with breath. Bubble needs to be off the GCD.


Archangel PVP talent for disc priest - Requires a minimum of 2, sometimes 3 globals to gain effect (Pressing the ability > utilising a heal)

Rapture - 10 second duration defensive , as above, you lose 2 seconds in globals before any effect.

Premonition - People literally wait for you to press anything and CC cause they know you will global your self out of this… the ability in it self requires alot of situaitonal awareness and skill… to be on the global, ontop of that, is dumb.


What he said. And I know it is defensive/offensive…but Dancing Rune Weapon is a strong defensive, and during encounters that require a lot of control and survival…pressing “Dancing Rune Weapon” and thinking it actually happened (only to find out you were on the global later) feels terrible. It tends to happen after you use deathgrip or your mass grip. I know because it also has offensive property’s that it may not of been on the chopping block for the GCD change. But just thought i’d throw it out there. Maybe the GCD change to grip could be enough to alleviate the global issue here.


Actually Deathgrip is usable on MANY/MULTIPLE MOBS. It is one of the reasons DK tanks are popular in Mythic+.

(Nearo) #253

Protection Paladin: Light/Hand of the Protector

One of the defining parts of the Paladin class fantasy is that we’re a hybrid/support class. We’re the warrior that wields the Light to heal our allies and smite our foes.

Lay on Hands is rightly off the GCD because it’s a reaction heal that has always been part of our toolkit not only for the ability to put out that clutch self-heal, but also because we can use it to save an ally. The same logic applies with Light/Hand of the Protector. The CD on it was already increased, putting it on the GCD was overkill. Presently, Light/Hand of the Protector feels clunky, it’s not something that we can use as a reaction to incoming damage spikes - which are frequent for Prot Paladins because our HP pool isn’t the greatest.


Ion mantioned Frost DKs as beeing one of the feelsbad gcd classes yet nothing was made. Very disappointed with the changes, most of the abilities you took out of the gcd were from Warriors.
What about :
divine steed
death grip
light of the protector
death’s advance
avenging wrath for holy pala
arcane torrent


+1 for Blade Flurry.
It is frustrating to be in the head of action in a dungeon and some extra trash runs up while you’re focus firing a target. You hit your Blade Flurry button help out with some AoE and then realize two GCDs later that it’s still not on because you mis-timed it by a fraction of a second.


How about we just go back to how it was in Legion? When people mostly liked the system that way it was…

(Varrow) #257

Making changes that no one asked for and make the game less fun that also waste developer time is the hallmark of BfA.


For PvP rapture should be off the GCD IMO anyways even without weakened soul cause we try to save our CD’s and it is rough to have to think “I’m gonna need to rapture, let me make sure I have time for a GCD to keep my partners alive.”


so when are these gcd changes getting implemented? vengeful retreat was still on the gcd as of this afternoon for me

(Xoja) #261

Probably time-gated for 8.1.5 honestly

(Varrow) #262

Well, Charge feels just as good as I knew it would. Thanks for that.

BUT, that just makes me even more sure that the entire change is ridiculous and does not make the game more fun in anyway. Revert this awful decision. Completely.



Absolutely agree with these three! Especially given how sensitive to globals disc priest has become. I’d only add Dark Archangel as well.


Hopefully none of them…

(Varrow) #265

Imagine being Blizzard and saying something at Blizzcon (finally) about one of your most controversial changes for classes.

Imagine when you finally make a change it’s not even consistent across the game.

Imagine refusing to offer any clarity on the topic.

Imagine ignoring the topic entirely for over 6 months.

Improved communication. Yeah right.

(Nariala) #266

This has been needed since the horrific GCD change’s inception.

I still wonder why they put so much onto the GCD despite prior teams even adding the “put everything on gcd” as an april fools joke due to how bad of an idea it is.

(Varrow) #267

Oh look a part of the game that could instantly make all gameplay more fun, but they refuse to do. Just being Blizzard in 2018, nice.

Must be a darn shame to actually listen to players and make the game more fun. 4head.

(Turbocharged) #268

At this point, I think the Devs have been moved around/recycled so much, none of them have a clue what someone else did to the code and cant figure out how to revert the changes.

(Cbegsdh) #269

Blizz: asks to hear which GCD changes we’d like to see.

Also Blizz: Doesn’t say a word about whether they’re listening or intend to make future changes.

Where’s that communication you promised us?