Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Spaghettidrk) #229

Please reconsider your opinion on Death Knight’s Death Grip. Currently it is seen as a pure utility ability and because of that it is off the GCD.

I believe it needs to be off the GCD for a few reasons. It serves as a pseudo-mobility for DKs in PvP and even pve, I understand it helps the party out as a whole but the dk requires it to continue damaging and healing themselves.

Not only that but it is a reactive ability by nature.
An interaction lost by the ability going on GCD is when a demon hunter uses Rain From Above, they are susceptible to CC. The GCD makes it near impossible to wait and predict for a rain now, when before if you were quick and prepared for them to use it you could react and punish them properly. Death grip by nature is a counter to mobility like charge and disengage, so it should have the same rules applied to it as they do.

(Ssnfivedkbtw) #230
  1. be good and stop MD or have your partner stop it.
  2. how are you gonna compare death grip which is a spell to bring enemies closer/interupt casting if you focus grip someone on a heal to Bubble which is literally an immunity to everything for 6 seconds spell… of course it should be on gcd.

(Tewa) #231

Agree on Frenzied Regeneration.

Also: Bristling Fur. Surprised nobody’s mentioned this. In Legion it was off the GCD, but in BFA it’s on the GCD.

Nor did you extend the duration to compensate. It’s still just 8 seconds. In Legion, that was 8 seconds of bonus rage. In BFA, you blow a portion of that on a GCD… a GCD you could have just used instead to, you know, generate rage…

Bristling Fur should either come off the GCD again, or have its duration extended.

(Shamxd) #232

As a Shaman, by far my biggest GCD complaint is Ancestral Guidance. You ramp up your damage in order to heal up a dungeon group and that 1 global feels like an eternity. It’s not a huge performance issue but it personally really turns me off from the talent due to the bad feeling alone. Of course there are a few other shaman abilities that don’t feel great but AG is by far the worst.

As for other classes, here is a list of particularly frustrating gcds off the top of my head.

Innervate: As a boomkin it’s disrupting to the rotation without feeling like you accomplished anything with the time spent. As a restoration druid it’s maybe a bit better since you directly benefit from the global, but as a general rule I dislike GCDs that don’t do anything on their own. I’d feel a lot better about innervate if it also increased duration of hots, healed yourself for a moderate amount, etc.

Incarnation, Tree of Life: In PvP in particular this GCD feels BRUTAL. Not only do you need to press the GCD to enter the form, you also want to innervate as the next GCD since regrowth spam is mana intensive. Even without the Innervate it’s rough. We’ve had many very frustrating arena losses due to my druid coming out of a kidney, hitting tree and either dying during that GCD or dying after getting 1 regrowth out because it just wasn’t enough. This is another example of a GCD that I feel should either not exist, or do something immediately. Perhaps the CD could immediately apply all hots to current target, or even just a swiftmend, anything to make it less “empty”

I may return later with more but it’s late so I should stop here for now. As a quick summary, I strongly believe the game would feel a lot smoother if every ability that is on the GCD had an immediate affect. Think of things like Darkglare increasing dot durations, metamorphosis giving you a leap/stun. If Elemental Shaman Ascendance refreshed Flame Shock on use, I’d feel totally okay with it being on GCD, but as it stands it feels like a road block of sorts. “Empty” GCDs don’t feel very rewarding to use, and for healers in PvP can have frustrating consequences that don’t result in an engaging experience.

(Morvoth) #233

Easy answer, every defensive ability, there is ZERO reason to have them on the GCD. The only reason I even agree with GCD to begin with is that it prevents ppl from just macroing an ezwin button in pvp. It was much needed for that purpose alone. But having it applied to defensives also is just asinine.


Please, please, please take Blade Flurry (Outlaw) off the GCD. As an outlaw main this has made me beat my face into the keyboard since BfA dropped. The ability itself does no damage and there is significant time wasted toggling the ability because of the GCD.

(Xaedys) #235

So…Fel Rush isn’t considered a “movement ability” now?! It is by far the more destructive of the two for being blocked by the GCD. It makes it feel unreliable for dodging bad and getting to new targets. And “unreliable” is not a good adjective to apply to a movement ability.

(Nyths) #236

What about removing that change to GCD? No ones here like that change…why continue that way??? God i have some hard time understanding your decision…

(Varrow) #237

One of the worst gameplay decisions they’ve ever made, but their egos are stupidly large. They will never admit they made a mistake. Even the ridiculous legendary acquisition system they defended for over a year.

(Drakaeon) #238

Nether Ward for Warlocks - This is primarily a reactionary ability and the window to use it effectively is very small. I frequently find myself GCD locked when I need it as Affliction due to rarely having free GCDs because i’m trying to keep DoTs rolling through dispels.


Survival – Harpoon

Uhhh how has no one called this out? This ability is already off the GCD.

(Eldinora) #240

Innervate, at least for Resto Druids. There are situations where I need to use it but someone would die if I miss a heal every global.


Please lord God druid shapeshifting. Im sick of casting rejuvination, immediately spamming bear form, and getting polymorphed any way.

(Oleandra) #242

Pillar of Frost, it’s in an awkward place with its CD right now.
All tank defensive cooldowns (honestly, all major defensive CDs outright)
Mobility skills like Divine Steed

And y’know, when the tank calls for a Death Grip on an add, it’d be nice if that happened without the DK having to wait even though their own reaction time is good. You’ve basically gutted DPS DK utility, so let them have this.

Druid affinity actives are a massive hassle to use right now due to the sheer number of GCDs to use them and switch back. Buff the passives or adjust the GCD rules at play on Shapeshifting, please.

And a lot of offensive CDs like Icy Veins need to do something when you hit the button, waiting out some of the duration while nothing happens feels really crappy.

Seriously, though, Innervate.

(Paint) #243

Death Grip off GCD.

Please do something with the clunkiness of Death Coil also.


I would suggest a change to blade fury for the following reason:

At the WOW Q&A at Blizzcon there was a comment that offensive cooldowns were on the GCD because they felt like they did something impactful, and that if it wasn’t doing something impactful, the spell should be changed to do something rather than just not be on GCD.

In the spirit of that i would suggest that given blade fury is now a cooldown vs a toggle, when it is activated it should do a significant burst of AE damage, so that it feels like when you press the button, something meaningful happens!

For what its worth, i think the same argument could be made for WW monk clones. Both spells serve a similar function right now - they enable future AE damage, but feel bad to use because of the GCD

(Nzete) #245

I looked up Ignore Pain (I don’t play a warrior). This is a self damage taken reduction (for anyone else who doesn’t play a warrior).

I’d like to argue that healer cooldowns are basically defensive cooldowns. Healers react to outside forces. You’ve heard about overhealing. Your really haven’t heard about “overdpsing”.

I’m cool with the idea of an “only one off the global cooldown enhancement per global cooldown” rule - eg. “you can’t cast apotheosis and guardian spirit before you cast flash heal on the tank” or “you can’t cast ironbark and innervate before your regrowth”. However, given that the amount of time that it takes a tyrannical mythic 10 boss to kill a tank without heals, healing is rather twitchy and using healing cooldowns (other than guardian spirit which has a “the tank won’t die in this global cooldown” protection) feels super risky.

If you want healers to be comfortable with spending a global cooldown buffing their heals while healing a tank getting his face kicked in, you need to have the “time to tank death” be a lot longer - a slower game.


Exiliration and barbed shot. Tired of losing frenzy stacks because the GCD consumes at least 7 seconds of this spell if I’m trying to do my rotation properly. Half the time I have to wait and then throw KC or chimera after refreshing barbed shot so my damage drops. It’s freaking annoying. If I had Exiliration, barbed shot, BW and AotW off GCD. my rotation wouldn’t feel like I was trying to break my keyboard or thinking I was lagging out half the time


Hello! I feel like with Weakened Soul being brought back to Disc priests, Rapture already feels like a harsh CD being on the GCD. I feel like Rapture would be a better-valued defense cooldown if it were off the GCD, as priest is already a vulnerable healer in the current state.

(Kirlian) #248

Utilities and Defensives should always be off GCD. Offensive CDS should share a GCD between them. That would prevent CDS stacking but not killing your rotation everytime you want to play a CD.