Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?


Druid shapeshifting, flare, call pet, dismiss pet, mend pet.


+1 for deathgrip


Vampiric Embrace, PLEASE. It is utterly useless in any situation where the following two conditions aren’t met:
-Group content with a tank
-Damage is predictable.

Otherwise it does nothing because the global cooldown just takes too long.

Solo content? By the time you start actually doing damage you’re dead.
PvP? By the time you actually start doing damage, you’re dead.
Unpredictable damage? By the time you start doing damage, you’re dead.

(Mêphiston) #192

Let’s also increase DH melee range to 40 yards because they don’t have enough already.

(Orno) #193

Hey you left out the rest of the classes.

Ghost wolf off GCD please.


Death Grip.

(Heckindoggo) #195

Dark Soul for warlocks. It has no purpose being on GCD. None of the lock specs use combined CDs with it during the same cast. It doesn’t get macro’d into anything. In arena it just makes the class feel clunky and slow.

(Aoyi) #196

Feral lunge (shaman ability) needs to be off of the GCD as well. It is simply the shaman version of charge. Its a very important tool to ENH in that it can be used both offensively and defensively in a raid situation. I’ve gone to hit it to jump away from “bad” in certain raid encounters only to find it couldn’t be pressed yet. Honestly, there is more rework that enhance needs, but this small change is right in line with your team’s current reversal of the charge GCD in 8.1.


Hmm so DK’s overlooked again huh? :frowning: Death Grip Please.

(Allyriae) #198

Please consider taking Arcane Power off the GCD.

Arcane has felt slow and monotonous since BfA alpha. Having our major offensive CD on the GCD just makes a clunky spec even worse.


Sweeping strikes.

I don’t have to blow an empty GCD for full damage AoE against N targets via whirlwind, but I have to eat an empty GCD for full damage against one target and partial damage against one other target? That makes no sense at all.

SS is the only (quasi) AoE spell a warrior has which requires an empty GCD (not counting heroic leap travel time). And with SS up, it’s already prohibitive to use certain spells, like bladestorm.

(Reverence) #200

I personally feel that Totem Mastery should be off GCD also. When doing a dps rotation, it feels horrible as an Elemental Shaman to have to weave this ability between offensive spells. It fits the category you have set for consideration of taking off the GCD. It is utility entirely and should be off GCD. Same thing with Tremor Totem. I feel that Grounding Totem should be kept on the GCD as it is a PvP talent and directly counters offensive spells as a whole, while Tremor Totem is baseline and actually one of the utilities a Shaman offers in dungeons. I’d say raids but you guys need to work on that one.



Please take Death Grip off GCD. It feels very clunky as a DK having this ability on GCD, it’s our main gap closer. Also, it feels VERY clunky when playing Frost DK when you have Empower Rune Weapon AND Pillar of Frost on GCD, pressing them back to back doesn’t feel right and typically takes 2-3 seconds just activating those abilities. Taking one of these abilities off GCD will allow us to use both of them in one GCD which makes playing the spec feel better and more enjoyable.

(Rftz) #202

Blade Flurry and Vial

(Mekgrim) #203

I honestly find it amazing that these changes were asked for during beta and ever since and yet nothing was done. Why are you just now making some of them? If it takes this much feedback to make a change then maybe, just maybe BFA wasnt really ready for release. You should have stuck with the original release date instead of pushing it up.

You wanna know what other abilities need to come off of GCD? Why dont you start with the ones that weren’t on it during Legion?

You’ll get no thank you from me for these changes. I’m really bothered by blizz’s lack of humility. The gcd changes were bad to start with. You’ve had feedback since it was put into testing saying that it was bad. You stuck with it. Stubborn and bull headed. Own your mess and clean it up. You have plenty of feedback to look though. Plenty. So stop asking like you’re unaware of it.

(Cbegsdh) #204


Another good option would be to limit CD’s on classes, or bake cooldowns into abilities or bake synergy into abilities to create cooldowns. Eye beam is a great cooldown that does damage and puts you in metamorphosis when used if you take the talent. Things like that would be great for classes.

(Felisferalis) #205

Wild charge is off the GCD. But that in itself is a talent.

(Felisferalis) #206

Fixing things is not a priority to them. If it was, they wouldn’t have implemented all this stuff essentially broken.


And the spirit wolf?

(Rizzu) #208

I’d love to see Dash off the GCD too. As a feral druid, this used to be a lifeline for me and i miss it.