Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?



There was a “prediction” list on WoWHead about those, but they were nothing more than speculation. Nothing that Blizzard confirmed, really. They just said they would be looking into it.

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I mean they specifically said they have plans for 8.1 to address movement, utility, and defensive GCDs. Now they worded it ambiguous AF, because that’s what Blizzard does. Heaven forbid there be clarity in their communication about the game.

However, there is not a single utility or defensive spell I’m aware of that received a change besides Ignore Pain. And that was mentioned specifically for prot warrior way before Blizzcon.


I guess I should learn to better manage my expectations from such a small Indy company.


I believe it was Ion that said in a dev chat movement abilities were coming back off the GCD. So is this actually happening?


This is something that is still happening.

Here is the list I have so far of abilities that are for sure coming off the GCD:

Havoc - Vengeful Retreat
All Druids - Wild Charge
Arms - Charge
Fury - Charge
Protection Warrior - Ignore Pain
Protection Warrior – Intercept
Protection Warrior (PvP) – Dragon Charge
Survival – Harpoon


DEATH GRIP MAYBE??? lol But that would be to obvious.


Thank you! I think the majority of the playerbase is pleased to see that Bliz reverted many of the GCD changes, admirably so given that this is a course correction from the design philosophy at the end of Legion/start of BFA.

I feel like Blizzard is taking far too long to realize that GCD on everything(and I mean everything) that they changed for BFA is terrible. These late reverts aren’t going to win praise from me and there’s still a lot of work to be done obviously. You need to revert everything you did with the GCD for BFA because it feels terrible and clunky and the developers certainly didn’t design the way the “envisioned” by making every cooldown do something interesting.


Well that’s nice I guess, what about all the other categories? The original intent only mentioned offensive cooldowns, then it expanded beyond that massively and we never really got to find out why or how Blizzard feels about all that or how the players responded to all those extra abilities.

With the sole exception of Blizzcon the few rare times this topic has been discussed in a Q&A nothing but the offensive cooldowns are mentioned. Yet the change was so, so much larger than that.

I think Ion did specifically mention defensive and utility was being looked at in addition to movement at Blizzcon right?

Ah so all the mobility is back f the GCD, including those used to set up incredibly easy crowd control like Harpoon into Trap.

But Mages. Mages need to talent into an ability that removes the GCD while giving it a longer cooldown.


Based on that list, it looks like all the classes with decent or good mobility are getting their mobility spells off the GCD. What about classes that have bad or horrible mobility? DKs, Pallies, etc. We suffer the most in this category already with less mobility options, why exactly does the 1 spell we have need to stay on the GCD? Divine steed being the example here.


Defensives should be off GCD as well. Especially for ranged classes since they have filler abilities which usually make them GCD-capped.


Agreed. Wraith Walk and Deaths Advance should be off GCD as well. I mentioned Death Grip earlier but didnt want to get greedy. Dont think the devs would do the right thing and take all three off GCD.


This is just what we have confirmed so far. There could potentially be more added to the list, but I personally just don’t know of any others yet.

We’d love to hear from you guys on more examples of abilities that you feel should be off the GCD and why.


Shield of Vengeance would be nice… it’s a defensive CD.

And honestly, any 2 min offensive CD. Kinda ridiculous they got put on GCD.


Summon Darkglare.

I’m fully aware of the stance on offensive cooldowns being on the GCD but with the amount of globals required to get use out of this cooldown before it is used, it just feels lame to have that little pause before you get to use it.

I’m sure other cooldowns feel the same for a lot of players but those are my thoughts on Darkglare.

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I can live with offensive cooldowns on the GCD. Although Seraphim feels extremely bad because it’s already got a significant opportunity cost, and now you’re asking us to use a GCD on it too.

What’s awful are tank defensive abilities on the GCD. Why is Light/Hand of the Protector on the GCD? I cannot remember if Frenzied Regeneration was taken off the GCD but if it’s still on, why?


nice! making it easier for melee to zoom around the arena like a juiced up choochoo train.

because it was sooooo tough for them before

good call


Innervate is definitely a spell that should be taken off the GCD since having it on their feels awkward for both Resto and Balance.

For Resto, you have to wait the GCD after using it on yourself to cast another spell, whereas an Innervate put on another healer can be used for the full effect (typically 1 extra GCD).

For Balance, it feels awkward to have to use a GCD to buff a healer (meaning the max DPS option is to just not use it at all), and feels even more awkward with the Lively Spirit trait.