Which spells are being removed from GCD in 8.1?

(Kishia) #213

Please god take Burning Rush off the GCD. You removed all of our healing and burning rush feels scary to keep toggled on, during progression we constantly have to toggle it on and off just so that we don’t accidentally kill ourselves. No other class has to spend so many globals throughout a fight just to have basic movement.


Everything. I mean how many times were players pleading with you guys to not institute this terrible GCD change. How many threads were made telling you how terrible all the classes felt? I’m sorry this question shows just how tone deaf blizzard has become and its insulting to the players. Get rid of the GCD change and make the game playable again.

(Huh) #215

Be nice if you put Soothing Mist back where it was before, so it doesn’t feel so terrible to play that spec. But hey whatever maybe I should play Overwatch, since you guys obviously care more about that.

(Oramac) #216

That entire list is mobility features.

How about some love for paladins, and taking steed off the gcd?

While I’m wishing for stuff, let’s take SoV and BoF off the gcd too. Especially BoF. That way we can at least get a second or two out of steed in pvp before freedom gets dispelled.

(Captyestrday) #217

Yes it IS ridiculous. So ridiculous that it was an April fools joke for blizz in 2006. LOL

(Bigdiggles) #218
All vengeance demon hunter sigils should be off the GCD. If im trying to survive or control a situation i shouldnt have to use a GCD (or chain them for utility) to survive and kite mobs.

Another discussion should be why is sigil of chains not baseline and a new talent to make those sigils just 25% to 50% larger?

Sigil of Chains already takes 2 seconds to activate (which should be 1 second) because if I spend 1 GCD to put sigil and then it takes 2 seconds to activate. That’s 3 seconds I have to wait to kite mobs.

Why does BDK get tons of control and utility with EXTREMELY short cool downs (which haven’t even been addressed) to survive but vengeance demon hunter lag behind?

VDH needs another Demon Spikes or something which makes them less bursty. They are already represented the least in regards to raid tanking and take too much spike damage. It might be a crutch fix but it’s better than how they are at the moment.

Gluttony needs to be reworked so it just reduces the cooldown permanently on meta based on souls consumed over time so its not RNG based.

Fracture baseline. Tons of changes for the class.

Brewmaster Monk is a top pick because they take predictable damage over time while VDH takes spiky damage over time.

You’re right. VDH absolutely needs a balance pass for our talent tree. It’s not very well balanced, and some abilities like spirit bomb and sigil of chains need to be made baseline.

Here is the link to the forum thread that’s gotten a lot of responses from the playerbase (but not blues yet) regarding feedback for VDH talents, and suggestions for what we feel needs to be fixed.


Being truly honest, one of the main reasons I unsubbed was the GCD non sense. The game feels so bad now. It feels so rigid and unforgiving. There is no reactions, just oh crap oh crap hurry up GCD. There is no real skill to things anymore. Just waiting. Always waiting. I played a Ret Paladin, so it was that much worse. Between a GCD and the 3-4 seconds between abilities, the game got old, very fast.

(Nzete) #220

Looking at the list of mostly movement spells being taken off the global cooldown (ignore pain appears to be the only non-movement), these are movement based abilities for melee (except for druids - all specs have the same ability, wild charge, doing different things). Since holy priest’s spec defining uniqueness appears to be “movement challenged and squishy”, could feathers be added to that list?

I was thinking about how not fun it was to have a whole crap ton of stuff spawn under me on the last boss of Siege of Boralus, that is wider than I can run out of before it one shots me while I’m on the global cooldown and can’t put a feather down to run out of it faster. This afternoon… in the siege of boralus… while becoming “more powerful than you can possibly imagine”.


I agree with frenzied regen for sure since it’s already a charge-limited HOT with a rage cost.

Also agree with the paladin equivalent and divine steed.


For Paladins, Divine Steed and Light/Hand of the Protector feel like a must and would match Warrior changes perfectly.

For Death Knights, Death Grip and Deaths Advance would be worth looking at.

Considering these two specs are already quite immobile compared to classes which just have had their movement utility buffed, yeah. Please, definitely consider it.

I’m in the crowd of people who thought the changes were bad to begin with but, for this post I think I’ll just try to strike a middleground.

(Incapabel) #223

Not sure if this thread will make a difference, but please remove Death Grip from the GCD. Its our primary gap closer, and feels very clunky to use - revert the changes and bring it off the GCD.

Wraith Walk would also be a prime candidate, but at this point I feel asking for more than one thing is greedy when it does not even look like we are getting that one thing.

(edit meant Wraith walk and not Deaths advance, smh)

(Wintel) #224

Please remove all 2-3min DPS cooldowns and emergency defensive cooldowns off the GCD please. Speaking as a mage:

  • Icy Veins
  • Arcane Power
  • Iceblock

These abilities should not be on the GCD. It feels extremely clunky and horrible in the rotation to have DPS cooldowns on GCD and I have no idea why this change was made in BFA.

(Gurthäng) #225

Deaths advance already is off gcd.


Guardian Druid Wish List:

Maul - Prior to Legion, Maul could be cast in the same GCD as mangle. It allowed us to squeeze an extra attack in at the cost of rage, making Maul a useful ability against explosives.

Shapeshift forms - For the vast majority of WoW history druids could ‘powershift’ allowing for CC break at the cost of current rage and ironfur stacks. Since the change, shifting forms has felt slow and clunky.

(Sargaxiist) #227

I agree. I also understand dps cooldowns being on the GCD for macro sake. As I was reading your post I thought about how amazing ret would feel if inquisition was off the GCD. No wasted time refreshing it, i mean it already costs 3 HoPo and does 0 damage.

(Leah) #228

Please consider taking “Vampiric Embrace” off of the GCD.

With how quickly Insanity drains, it is far too large of a penalty to use it, especially with how little it usually can heal.

(Spaghettidrk) #229

Please reconsider your opinion on Death Knight’s Death Grip. Currently it is seen as a pure utility ability and because of that it is off the GCD.

I believe it needs to be off the GCD for a few reasons. It serves as a pseudo-mobility for DKs in PvP and even pve, I understand it helps the party out as a whole but the dk requires it to continue damaging and healing themselves.

Not only that but it is a reactive ability by nature.
An interaction lost by the ability going on GCD is when a demon hunter uses Rain From Above, they are susceptible to CC. The GCD makes it near impossible to wait and predict for a rain now, when before if you were quick and prepared for them to use it you could react and punish them properly. Death grip by nature is a counter to mobility like charge and disengage, so it should have the same rules applied to it as they do.

(Ssnfivedkbtw) #230
  1. be good and stop MD or have your partner stop it.
  2. how are you gonna compare death grip which is a spell to bring enemies closer/interupt casting if you focus grip someone on a heal to Bubble which is literally an immunity to everything for 6 seconds spell… of course it should be on gcd.

(Tewa) #231

Agree on Frenzied Regeneration.

Also: Bristling Fur. Surprised nobody’s mentioned this. In Legion it was off the GCD, but in BFA it’s on the GCD.

Nor did you extend the duration to compensate. It’s still just 8 seconds. In Legion, that was 8 seconds of bonus rage. In BFA, you blow a portion of that on a GCD… a GCD you could have just used instead to, you know, generate rage…

Bristling Fur should either come off the GCD again, or have its duration extended.

(Shamxd) #232

As a Shaman, by far my biggest GCD complaint is Ancestral Guidance. You ramp up your damage in order to heal up a dungeon group and that 1 global feels like an eternity. It’s not a huge performance issue but it personally really turns me off from the talent due to the bad feeling alone. Of course there are a few other shaman abilities that don’t feel great but AG is by far the worst.

As for other classes, here is a list of particularly frustrating gcds off the top of my head.

Innervate: As a boomkin it’s disrupting to the rotation without feeling like you accomplished anything with the time spent. As a restoration druid it’s maybe a bit better since you directly benefit from the global, but as a general rule I dislike GCDs that don’t do anything on their own. I’d feel a lot better about innervate if it also increased duration of hots, healed yourself for a moderate amount, etc.

Incarnation, Tree of Life: In PvP in particular this GCD feels BRUTAL. Not only do you need to press the GCD to enter the form, you also want to innervate as the next GCD since regrowth spam is mana intensive. Even without the Innervate it’s rough. We’ve had many very frustrating arena losses due to my druid coming out of a kidney, hitting tree and either dying during that GCD or dying after getting 1 regrowth out because it just wasn’t enough. This is another example of a GCD that I feel should either not exist, or do something immediately. Perhaps the CD could immediately apply all hots to current target, or even just a swiftmend, anything to make it less “empty”

I may return later with more but it’s late so I should stop here for now. As a quick summary, I strongly believe the game would feel a lot smoother if every ability that is on the GCD had an immediate affect. Think of things like Darkglare increasing dot durations, metamorphosis giving you a leap/stun. If Elemental Shaman Ascendance refreshed Flame Shock on use, I’d feel totally okay with it being on GCD, but as it stands it feels like a road block of sorts. “Empty” GCDs don’t feel very rewarding to use, and for healers in PvP can have frustrating consequences that don’t result in an engaging experience.