Which spec in DF?

Are any of you leaning toward a specific spec for DF yet, or do you want to wait until balance passes and see how the scaling looks before you start to think about it? Any spec you want to reign supreme?

I play whichever tends to come out on top for our class. I’ll rotate between all three specs. I am thinking I might start with BM first, though.

I am going to keep playing Beast Mastery until I get bored. I can’t wait to summon a bunch of squealing farm pigs to maul my target to death.

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I am looking forward to some of the new abilities we’ll be able to include in our builds on the BM tree. Visually, I like the flavor of dire beasts and the talents like it now.

Sticking with BM. Ranged with full mobility is just an unbeatable combo for me. Plus it looks like the least stretched thin spec. Maybe someone in Beta can correct me but it doesn’t seem like it’ll need multiple profiles for different content.


BM looks very fun, and strong!

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Mobile + Physical ranged is the bees knees for me. I like BM for that very reason, but I also like MM for lone wolf and I like the idea of big, power shots.

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BM, always BM. It could be the absolute bottom of the charts and I’ll still play it. No other class or spec has the three points I like combined:

  • Ranged
  • Has a pet
  • No cast times

SV, but might dabble in some MM this xpac too. (if rapid fire can be avoided)

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Run is circles and let pets do damage. BM ez


I’m a fan of MM for DF but going without RF would force MM to be a DoT spec by utilizing Serpent Sting. The major issue with this build is that the only focus builder is Steady Shot, which has a mediocre cast time and low damage output. Steady Shot damage would need to be increased to make a SS DoT build (w/o RF) more appealing.

Many of the MM talents alter RF playstyle and damage making it more of a core ability. If Blizzard added talents that adjusted/modified Steady Shot (damage increase, instant cast option, or increase to focus generation) or further enhanced Arcane Shot in some way, there could be more options as to MM builds over the current DF selections.

What I don’t want is another similar issue that we had in BfA in that Hunter’s wanting to be at their best performance in Mythic+ where very nearly forced into BM over the other two specs.


I really hoped I would be able to skip Rapid Fire as well, but after dabbling with the talent trees on the ptr, I was disappointed to find the build felt incomplete without it. I feel like their intention is RF is one of those abilities no one will want to skip.

I’m not a “ride or die” one spec, I play all 3.

I have no clue which one I’ll play the most. Probably going to be tuning dependent.


At this point I’m thinking about specing shadow priest or, well, anything else. SV and MM are a mess. BM is nice though.


In DF, I will likely play Marksman. I most always play Marksman, and as long as I find the spec recognizable, I will likely continue mostly playing Marksman.
If I can’t do this, as I couldn’t during Legion, then like Legion, I’ll have naught.

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I was hoping for some lone wolf stuff but it seems like blizzard half baked it for MM so ill continue playing classic for now.


The changes made in Legion left me feeling out of place in the game. I didn’t really enjoy the direction class design went. Cata-WoD, in my opinion, had the pinnacle of class design. I ended up quitting for most of Legion, what with the terrible legendary RNG on top of not enjoying the only class I play.


All three specs looks nice. I have 3 hunters so I play all three specs but main focus will stay on SV hunter


I will not be playing much of DF. Currently my plan is to play WotLK a bit, then skip DF launch. It’s my first time spending much time away from WoW since I started but I think it’s needed. The game’s not worth so much time any more.

In any case I may come back for some casual play from time to time just to see some new content. From what I’ve seen BM is the only one of the three specs that seems to have a sense of direction, with the added bonus of being ranged, infinitely mobile, having a fairly decent playstyle, and being good at solo/casual content. So I’ll probably be playing that most of the time whenever I come back to check out Dragonflight.

For WotLK and any future classic release I will be playing SV, just like the first time around.


Love that for you :black_heart:


BM and MM look pretty good.

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