Which spec for pvp?

Thinking about leveling up my old rogue to play around with this season. I’ve seen a lot of all 3 specs in arena and I’m just wondering which spec to go with. Which is easier? Which pairs with a mage better? And what’s the go to YouTube channel? From what I remember the last time I played rogue assassination was easier to learn

If you are comfortable with Assassination run with it. Sub and Outlaw work but like any other spec you need the right combo of gear to make it work.

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Easiest = Assa
Hardest/best with mage = Sub
Can play with almost anything/best = Outlaw


Depends on what playstyle you prefer:
Assa/outlaw can stay in the fight more
sub is more hit and run (unfortunately)
For me I enjoy sub the most just for control.


IMO the only spec with a comfortable play style is outlaw. Assassination just feels like you are waddling everywhere slowed all the. Sub you spend the majority of you time behind a pillar eating and re-stealthing.