Which Race?


Looking at leveling up another Priest this side will be Alliance and I’m just curious on what race is better for PvE? I already have a Human Monk so I’m trying to make sure not all my alts turn out to be the same race as most of my Horde is.

Torn between female Nelf/Draenei possibly male Dwarf/Worgen. I would consider Void Elf but I already have a Blood Elf Priest.

Anyways just curious on why you’ve chosen what race you are and any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Nelf all the way, that shadowmeld will help you mana up and with the next update being more mana intensive you are probably going to use it a good a bit.


^That is a wise choice.

I chose worgen, well my kids chose it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like having two forms and have mine set to go to human form when out of combat. It is nice to know exactly when I can sit to eat. I do also use my racial speed buff quite often.


Does the armor sets look off in Worgen form? Why I couldn’t really play a Tauren because the helms always looked bad. At least for me they did.

Of course they look awful lol. I never wear a helm on any of my characters though because I like to mess with my hair. (This character doesn’t count since I don’t play her :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually, a lot of things look awful on my worgen imo. I have found a few things that I like and cycle through them occasionally.

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Dwarf has a very good racial that allows you to self dispel. I personally like Mechagnome because it has a semi-cheat death (and also a main stat boosting ability)–also a race that, unbeknownst to many, top MDI healers have actually healed on (Moad a case in point). Night Elf has a very potent racial in Shadowmeld which allows you to drop aggro, which can save a key and/or your butt if you are in a pinch–as when just questing, raiding or whatever.

Night elf shadowmeld is good for M+ to drop agro for mobs which can save keys or be good for skips on organized teams.

Dark Iron has quite a nice buff also.

Prob these 2 are the strongest in PvE. The diff tho is minimal in terms of raw power. Nelf shadowmeld is just special cuz doesn’t increment throughput but the drop agro can do some good plays.


Night Elf is too good to pass. Shadowmelt is really handy. Can save keys and solve that bug in open-world when you are stuck in combat from a critter 500 meters aways hiding under a rock. Happened way too many times to me :smiley:

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Yeah I know the feeling with not being able to get out of combat. Was gonna make my Priest last night but my wife bought me a new gaming headset and I’ve been having issues pairing it with my laptop.

solution: buy a new laptop. “But honey, I need it for my gaming headset to work

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