Which race would survive the apocolypse?

Best part is, we could run around raising every race as fellow undead and there would be no one to oppose us.

Huh. Thank you for pointing that out, I know sadly little about dwarves (other than ale and wooooooounds champion).

So dwarves survive cause they are hanging out in IF and don’t even notice.

That means Horde get another survivor race.
Let’s go… goblin, because they accidentally create their own Time Machine, allowing the wealthy to skip ahead till when the dust settles. And of course it’ll have rockets to ward off those pesky time keepers.


Actually, it’s trolls.

Those guys have been around forever and are very adaptable.

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Okay but you’re gonna have to listen to this 24/7 on loop cause the only other survivors are Dwarves… also maybe some Troll music…

But that no longer make any sense due to the cheer amount of bloodelves around. Perhaps someone doctored the numbers? Perhaps lots of bloodelves choose to “die” for tax reasons?

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Gnomes, they irradiated their own capital city, yet they survived. They can be punted and cut up, and will just replace the missing pieces with stronger mechanical ones. They don’t feel pain nor fear death. However, above all they can not be stopped even after we all are dead.

Me cause I have han potential.

Just portal somewhere without apocalypse xd

Night Elves. Literally saved the world from ending 10 000 years ago.

Maybe Vulpera too. They’d probably just dig a hole in the sand and hide there until everything blows over.

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Literally caused the world-ending crisis AND the Sundering. Night elves are the baddies.

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Pandaren already survived the sundering because emperor Shaohao shrouded the islands in a protective mists

So pandaren


What kind of apocalypse? Because we’ve already had the sundering and the cataclysm.

Most races survived those pretty well.

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We’d also be the ones causing it if it was explosive based though

It depends on the nature of the apocalypse, but some races are themselves a potential apocalypse.

Undead are a given, and their predisposition toward biological warfare verges, at its worst, on the apocalyptic. If ever they should master the technique of raising the dead free of Val’kyr assistance, and if ever this knowledge should be down passed and/or preserved in some form or fashion to be shared, they’re effectively ineffaceable.

Worgen, too, as they’re less a race and more an affliction. So long as the curse exists, so long as there exist vectors through which it can spread or be spread, it is likewise ineffaceable.

Mechagnomes, the actual, fully-mechanized Mechagnomes, are similar with a technological bent. So long as one exists with the knowledge, or the knowledge itself to reproduce them persists in some form, and the means to do it, they’re going to be there for potentially ever.

Other races have survived apocalyptic scenarios in the past, yes, but none are as I’m aware quite so permanent or persistent as the aforementioned to my knowledge. Nothing to do with toughness or tenacity, but what I believe to be objective fact according to my personal interpretation of the question; where one might through arcane machination invoke the afflictions aforementioned into reality, one cannot so do with a dead race, and no race can proliferate with such virulence as either the worgen or undead, or reproduce so swiftly as machines churned out from cosmic forges.


We don’t talk about that.

Now, seriously, those were called Highbourne.

At this point, all the races. We have so many options, like

  1. Take spaceship to different planet.
  2. Time travel to past azeroth.
  3. Time travel to a past of any other planet.
  4. Portal to a different planet.
  5. Portal to shadowlands.

Like at this point apocalypse on Azeroth is completely meaningless.

Obviously it would be the Blood Elves.

Some of the world most powerful explosions has been due to volcanoes taking in water causing a buildup of steam pressure. I can definitely imagine goblins using explosives to open a path for water to leak into a volcano. Incidentally, in Jules Vernes Mysterioues Island the island actually explodes due to an underground water reservoar leaking into the volcano that way. The protagonists barely survived. I will not spoil the story with any more details than that, but the novel is highly recommended. It also has tie ins to at least two others of his novels.

Draenei, just somehow works.

Get another race to drive the spaceship tho

I blame the Highbore but yes, “elves blowing up the world” seem to be a reoccurring theme in fantasy. Maybe people that are likely to live for longer than a century shouldn’t be allowed to do magic. Sooner or later, they go nuts. Yes, I got a Nightborne mage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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