Which race would survive the apocolypse?


We don’t talk about that.

Now, seriously, those were called Highbourne.

At this point, all the races. We have so many options, like

  1. Take spaceship to different planet.
  2. Time travel to past azeroth.
  3. Time travel to a past of any other planet.
  4. Portal to a different planet.
  5. Portal to shadowlands.

Like at this point apocalypse on Azeroth is completely meaningless.

Obviously it would be the Blood Elves.

Some of the world most powerful explosions has been due to volcanoes taking in water causing a buildup of steam pressure. I can definitely imagine goblins using explosives to open a path for water to leak into a volcano. Incidentally, in Jules Vernes Mysterioues Island the island actually explodes due to an underground water reservoar leaking into the volcano that way. The protagonists barely survived. I will not spoil the story with any more details than that, but the novel is highly recommended. It also has tie ins to at least two others of his novels.

Draenei, just somehow works.

Get another race to drive the spaceship tho

I blame the Highbore but yes, “elves blowing up the world” seem to be a reoccurring theme in fantasy. Maybe people that are likely to live for longer than a century shouldn’t be allowed to do magic. Sooner or later, they go nuts. Yes, I got a Nightborne mage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Naruu are mutating you and since the restoration of the Sunwell, and the arrival of yellow light radiating eyes for bloodelves, so have they started on that path. Eventually we get yet another elven race to choose from: Light Elves/Sun Elves/Lightforged Elves whatever we want to call them.

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Pretty sure the Nightborne already survived a couple.

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Hiding from your problems work. Sometimes.

I do it IRL a lot XD

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This was my thought as well.

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But it’s not the norm for all Draenei to be LFD as even demonstrated in the LFD campaign it’s a choice, except for Illidan.

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Many of Azeroths races have notably survived at least one apocalypse

They’re the only race that has already died. Why would they survive?

It’s the dwarves. We live underground.

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Either Orcs or Trolls/Night Elves. Source: Ner’zhul and Malfurion apocalypsed their respective planets and they survived. Honorable mention to Ogres and Vrykul for sharing space with these planet-cracking weirdos.

Draenei, Nightborne or Zandalari.

Or Forsaken, depends on the apocalypse, though.

If there were an apocalypse NE bears would survive the rest of living beings would be wipe out. Hibernation slows the breathing and growth causing a suspension of time,could go for years.

But that depends on what type,and do we have time if not well. The worst would be a time warp ripple this will be a total annihilation of everything ,only good that comes with this is it’s reversal.

Void elfs and Lightforged, the majority don’t even live on Azeroth. and are pandemic to the multiverse at this point.

Also this is another version of how it could go:

I like this answer

Jar Trolls. Interesting. I can see the cosmetic options - different color jars, different decorations.