Which male race is the most attractive?

ingame blood/night/void elves
in the internet worgens and taurens

You never said they had to be playable, so Dragons all the way, both male and female.

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Cliche, but Blood Elf for sure.

Hmmm, I say:

Kul Tiran

Honorable mention the Draenei… just because they look cool and I like em “thick” and they are the less Anthropomorphic of the other big races…

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Night Elves.

Those arms… baby!


The correct answer is Pandaren. Maybe Vulpera and Zanda Trolls. If I had to pick a human-esque race than void elf. Not blood elf, only void elf.

I’m not particularly attracted to men. So, I look more for distinguishing features I find aesthetically pleasing in some way. Maybe Tauren and Worgen. Mostly just looking who’d be enjoyable to cuddle.

Why do you look like that?

Dracthyr for sure.

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Blood elf / void elf female are the most attractive males: it is clear who wears the pants in that race.

Void Elf. The Belf male faces have expressions I don’t care for. I don’t know what it is, really, but the Velf men are just plain better looking.

Following the Velves would be male Darkspear trolls. I know, I’m not a fan of the inability to stand up straight, either, and the tusks are somewhat off-putting, but there is a particular sort of casual swagger in the trolls that I find appealing and is missing in the other male characters.

Third, I’d say the dwarves. Like the trolls, they’re not physically attractive b/c Blizzard has seen fit to make all of them look old or goofy, but you cannot tell me snuggling by the fire with a Bronzebeard doesn’t sound cozy, safe, and fun.

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Night Elves are probably the most attractive overall for both Male and Female.

I don’t know why anyone is saying Nelf/Human. They look so weirdly proportioned, like 16 year olds who got insanely jacked from abusing steroids.

It’s either Wargen, Dark Iron, or Belves for me.

Easy. Specifically number 3.


Dracthyr are great. Once they have more class options half my chars are going dracthyr.

I have to go with zandalari for this, I feel their bodies have some of the best proportions. Honorable mention to b/velf. Every other male race is either too muscular, tiny, or a literal corpse. Pickings aren’t too great in wow



NPC ones, not the PC ones.

“Male race”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In any event, the races with the most [physically] attractive males are imo - Void/Blood Elves and Draenei. Throw in personality, and Dwarves rank high.

To use my old post from back in the day:

Male ethereals. Their bodies are out of this world.

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:


rofl your post got flagged. These arent the forums of 10+ years ago where you could say crazy stuff like that and people would shrug it off.

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Blood Elves, Void Elves and Orcs.

By artist

By artist is Emily Ensuh.