Which is best for pvp?

What’s up guys! I main BM but I hear Survival is BiS for pvp. Could more experienced hunters help me out?

If it is survival and that’s what I spec I play, I hear they never get in keys so I’m not sure what to do lol. Thanks!

They both are doing well right now. BM is probably a bit ahead do to scaling atm and ease of play. Seen both are very high levels. MM is good for RBG team fights. Overall hunter is doing well.

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Okay I’ll stick to BM then! I’ve been enjoying it. Even though I like Survival too lol

why not go back and forth between the two specs? You like both then gear up for both so you can play whichever you feel at a given time

I’ve played all 3 specs, and I think they’re pretty similar in terms of viability. Surv has a harder time in general in my opinion. It does very similar damage to bm, but has more inherent weaknesses than BM due to positioning.

Marks has more burst, but it’s burst can be stopped with cc or line of sight.

I recommend bm > marks > surv for high end 2s or 3s.

If you’re below 2k, I don’t think it matters a whole lot, just play what you prefer.

For rbgs, they all have roles that they can fill. (marks is best for team fights, bm / surv both are better for node sitting)


Okay cool. I’m new to arena and I’ve been enjoying BM. I want to do RBG’s but idk if any1 will want a BM hunter lol. We don’t bring anything really unique

BM is one of the best base sitters. Most will just want tank DH or rogue though.