Which Healer?

Once again I can’t really decide on which healer I wanna main for Shadowlands… Paladins I hear are good. Resto Shamans are also looking really nice as well… Not so sure about Priest or Druids. Monk is off the list for me…

What are you guys playing? I’m also on drink 5 so don’t mind me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve mained disc since I started and I can say that we are so much fun.
And in world content you never die.
And you get to kill while not dying because of atonement

HPriest can heal things and that’s about it. They’re great role-players in Raids, but just about useless for the things needed in remotely challenging M+.

I can’t think of a time where Disc isn’t a good choice in all forms of PvE for at least the utility and abundant damage reduction.

The best place to find the info you’re looking for would probably be YouTube videos of the people playing the beta (madskillzz does a good job covering all the healers imo I think he’s 3k io on all healers in bfa right now)

Or to check out the SL forums or the respective healing specs discord.

From my pretty limited knowledge it seems that rdruid is looking like a top contender in m+ again and disc is moving up the list with some legendaries and conduits.

Not sure for raid though







lesson is priest is one of the best classes.
Just dont go holy

Yeah personally I don’t super enjoy priest except in raid but it’s usually pretty good

I will admit the BFA disc priest can be stressful
I’ve not healed mythic but I have healed stupid

This is a hard question to answer because it’s based on your own preferences. Lol like playing Paladin was a struggle for me to understand. Disc is fun I like to heal by dps but I have to be able to predict the damage a little better. Druid felt so simple but I didn’t like that for a healer. It is fun when you have to plan a little, kept my mind awake and interested in the run.

They are vastly different in how they work, I tried them all this xpac

Paladin - melee and intense; great damage

Monk - good ranged heals, great single-target; powerful heals; i couldn’t dps for diddy (I don’t PvP or raid and apparently a specific essence was 100% required - so this class got smoked for me) - and was forced to give it up once I got near M15

Druid - easily the most overpowered healer in M+ for going on 6 years. To the point that you best be great if you are a non-druid because you will never measure up. Personally i hate stance shifting and so… my dps sucked.

Priest - honestly I cannot for the life of me understand how they survive in m+ past M10. Heals are just soooo weak.

Shaman - I can actually dps while healing! Score! This is my fav this xpac.

But here is the bottom line truth: healing high keys is mostly a dps thing; meaning they must do mechanics, avoid damage, self heal, self mitigate. They do that and really most healers can function. In lower keys people get annoyed at the healer when they refresh bursting 3 times in a row and everyone dies… of they get 1 shot in fights (newsflash - nobody can heal a 1-shot outside of a miracle pre-BoP).