Which elevator will kill you first?

(Lüx) #19

My lack of patience in waiting for the TB elevator is so bad that I’ll often soul stone myself before jumping off the platform into the open air. The repairs costs are worth it, but it only works for going down.


I just know i’m going to end up killing myself on one of the 1k needles elevators.

(Daesûl) #21

It’s not so much elevators for me…it’s that blasted wrong turn into Felwood…

(Orodroth) #22

Jumping off Teldrassil!


Doesn’t the Darkmoon Faire still spawn at the bottom of Thunder Bluff? So people fly to TB and take the lift down? Or did they move it?


I’m right there with you.


Undercity for sure. :frowning:

(Padrepwn) #26

Only nubs die to elevators. That being said. Most likely UC elevator will be my first death. Lol


What if you MC someone off an elevator?

(Padrepwn) #28

They were really a nub for letting me. Lol


Jump up and down over and over again on the undercity elevator on a poop tier private server and watch what happens.


you die

(Bonhöffer) #30

Elevator boss is hardest boss!

I was afraid that this would be fixed in the modern client. Glad to hear that this aspect of vanilla will also be present in Classic!

(Nelthene) #31

Oh it’ll be UC first no doubt. Thunderbluff is so high up I’m already keeping a sharp eye on it but UC is cozy and extremely fast.

(Cheater) #32

I actually start laughing before I die because I know what’s coming.

(Padrepwn) #33

If you were with us you’d slip us the release date or tell us if gbanks are in!



probably undercity

(Gildark) #35

In this hypothetical walking off the cliff, and there would be maybe a second monitor you were looking at that was keeping your mind off of WoW, what date is on the clock at the bottom right of the screen?

(Dinkydeath) #36

My first undead will become “undeader” via the Undercity elevator. At least once.

(Idun) #37

There was a stat page in Vanilla, ISTR. No titles or anything, just a list of BG wins, duels won, etc.

I think the elevators in Thousand Needles are the dark horse in the Elevator Death Contest. XD


gbanks are definitely not in, as is goes against the vision that the classic team is working toward.

He may not even know the release date either. I’m sure they get certain information in briefings, and pass along pertinent information. I’m a community developer on a game (player admin/dev) and the CMs rarely get any information before we do from the company devs.