Which convenant for MW M+?

I know the highest throughput leggo right now is venthyr. But I also see on warcraft logs that some of the top monks still use the fistweaving leggo…I love the idea of fistweaving, is it actually still viable compared to the venthyr leggo? About to hit 60 and need to figure it out!

I’ve seen MWs fistweave as night fae. It’s probably not as bad as people think, since (if I’m not mistaken) it puts essence font or extends it when you’re hit by the ability?

The output seems good regardless, just play whatever interests you.

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Play whatever interests you, though NF will be more mana intensive.

Also, for “best” think about your own playstyle and what you can do well. Someone who plays an “offspec” exceptionally will always be better than someone who plays cookiecutter mediocrely.

by mana intensive does that mean having to frequently drink in m+? Or just not sitting at 75% mana? lol

Because NF is a rotation ability and not a cooldown unlike the other 3, it is pretty spammable, and just like tiger palm etc as WW or brew, if you hit it mindlessly, you can run yourself dry. Just something to be aware of.

oh gotcha! thank you.

Bonus points: Faeline Stomp also applies Mystic Touch to mobs it hits, so you can use it instead of spinning crane kick to debuff a group.

9.2… This will no longer be an issue. We will be able to use our Covenant leggo with another leggo of our choice. I will be rocking the ATotM and the Venthyr, unless something changes. There could be a change, having the Kyrian Ability again, could be some big Revival Heals… in raids…