Which class will be most needed in vanilla?

Priests brought the shackle for those strat runs

skilled players!

Assuming you’re a skilled player, want to raid at a high level, and you want a class that will always be useful in every situation:

#1 Prot warrior

If you are a pro tank, you will find a place in a good guild. Once you’re situated, you will have a raid spot and be highly valued forever.

#2 Priest

If you’re fine playing holy or shadow, you will find a raid spot no problem.

#3 Mage

Mages scaled well in Vanilla, they’re ranged so healers love them, they use only a couple debuff slots, and provide multiple kinds of utility.

A properly balanced raid had a need for every class, especially for certain buffs, cc, burst dps, etc, but those 3 were the most needed imo.

If you want to be that guy… find a good guild first, and they will welcome you with loving arms if you are willing to fill a role that no one else will. Just make sure you get good at it! :slight_smile:

But I think a priest healer would be the safest bet. I tried leveling one, and I found it extremely tedious to level. It just wasn’t fun for me.

I would say druid / warlock though it depends on what you want to do, 5 mans pvp raids? etc. Warlock would be your best bet for raiding i’d think druid if you wana heal.

Probably tanks or healers, the usual.

Definitely not Warriors or Rogues though… there won’t be a shortage in that department. :joy:


I find it strange that people are saying healers. Are we all forgetting that Hybrids almost all become healers at max level? Priest, Shaman, Paladin, Druid. 4 out of 9 classes get pigeon holed into healing ( lets not pretend like they don’t) at 60, where is the shortage of healers coming from? 40% ish of the classes are designed around healing at 60…

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Two reasons.

One - Those classes tend to be the least played. All healing-capable classes combined average a population roughly equal to warrior + rogue.

Two - Not all of those players are willing to heal; they’re DPS spec or they PVP or they just don’t want to heal for PUGs when they could play in a guild group.


you play a different classic than i did? warriors are the only tank.


Roll a priest and you’ll never run out of friends.


Wait … but …


I’ll be rolling a druid as a main. I’ll also have no problems being a healer, as it’s what I did in Vanilla. Though in TBC I was a tank/healer hybrid for Karazhan. (Kinda wish that was possible again LOL)

You are contradicting your self @ythisens. In Vanilla, Warriors were the only viable tanks, and yet you are saying “Tanks or healers” will be the most needed, but then say that Warriors are not needed. Are you saying that Paladin and Druids are going to be as viable tanks as Warriors were?


Just came here to post the same as Thestevesbdk. Warriors were the only viable tanks. There were tanking talents available for Paladins and Druids, and some will argue about Shamans, but no class aside from Warrior truly got the job done.


We have a Blizz source now, and it looks like a definite… Warriors and rogues won’t be most needed.

At least he isn’t posting personal player information, that’s a plus.

Can people not read? He’s saying not needed because there will be an abundance of people playing those classes.

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Not to mention, patch 1.9 killed any gearing chance for paladin tanks unless you ran in a T2 guild. It took me a long while to get back to where I could tank again.

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In vanilla druids were stuck in resto in order to raid, and even then it was mostly for innervate…

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Oh, I was well aware. Probably should have included a tongue in cheek emoji of some sort :stuck_out_tongue:.

I was just making fun of the fact that needing tanks inherently implies needing warriors - but that warriors won’t be needed because there will be so many. (The underlying, unstated factor is that a lot of those warriors will want to go melee damage role or will PvP - removing them from the tank pool even if warriors are the #1 tank.)


Death Knights, Monks, and Demon Hunters. For some odd reason I get the feeling we will not be seeing any around.