Which city has the best street food?,

Okay, not sure if this belongs here, but which capital city do you imagine has the best street food?

I could imagine stormwind having the equivalent of “sausage in a bun” vendors around, ironforge would likely have ale vendors on every quarter, while some how I think Orgrimmar would have the equivalent of kebabs.

Which city do you reckon has the best hypothetical street food?


Boralus. It’s a known fact that the best street food comes from cramped holes in the wall on small streets.


Some reason I think it’d all be seafood based

Lobster rolls? Fish and chips? Calamari rings?

Yeah could see it.

I reckon that zandalar would have things like roasted Dinosaur haunches and massive eggs Benedict (Eggs Bene’jin?)


Orgrimmar has the benefit of diversity. You can grab an actual modern-style burger and fries from the Goblin area, something tropical and fruity from the Troll area and something meaty from the Orcs all on an afternoon’s walk. I don’t think any other city can beat that, really.


I feel like it’s going to be Dalaran, as long as it involves sugar or starch. Lots of street carts, lots of mages. Should have the best ice cream.

Without those I’m inclined to think Zuldazar, what with being the seat of a historically far-flung empire that engages in heavy trade with access to a wide degree of food that they have ages of experience in experimenting with


I’m actually inclined to agree with orgrimmar having the most diverse street food.

I can imagine just roaring fires with massive roast beasts being served.

That being said, I can imagine that Ironforge would have similar, but with ale always on the side. But less variation in terms of fare.

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If it doesn’t, then it should!!

The blood elf elitist in me wants to lie and say Silvermoon, but I just can’t.

The real answer depends on your mood. Boringlass is where you go for fishkabob, and it will make you believe in the Light. No doubt.

Ironforge street meat might taste bad, but it comes with complimentary booze that makes up for it.

Stormwing has the most variety, but it’s food court quality.

For vegan, you absolutely hit up a street stall in Thunderbluff.

But overall? Orgrimmar. You don’t know what it is, you don’t wanna know, but you cannot get enough of it.

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thunder bluff steak

Lost City of the Tol’vir as that city should have amazing street food because it’s based on Arab/Mediterranean street markets. We would have stalls with hummus, baklava, sausage vendors, delicious foods that we often never hear about or think like gyros, tasty flavorful foods like in Constantinople.


Also its probably bland and lacking any real spice like most English food.

Dalaran looks like parts of it are made of candy.

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Money is on Orgrimmar too. Imagine an orc smoking brisket thats been going since 5am casually along the Drag with a tauren inspired blueberry based barbecue sauce? If we really want to prescribe Darkspear that Jamaican influence, some jerk anything down in the Valley of Spirits and fried plantains with a side of rice? Goblins just deep frying the worst of the worst of everything.

Dazar’alor I think would by my runner up. Go up and down Latin America and you’d find some of the best. Hell, just go to your local hispanic neighborhood and no more will need to be said. Tacos, tortas, arepas, fried plantains (again), tostadas, flautas, you name it.

Worst would probably be Suramar tbh. French are hiding/storing their food in sewers, which tracks for them.


See, I’m picturing it more as American cooking.

Like, you want kaldorie spider legs? They got that!! But it’s made for a more sensative palette, so the spices are simplified, if present at all. And they’re not using authentic kalimdor spiders for the legs, subbing in some Duskwood variety that to them, doesn’t taste any different. And it’s overcooked to anyone who knows about kaldorie cuisine, because the Stormwindians have a fear about eating undercooked spider legs.

Like, Stormwind street meat is surface level what you want, but it’s missing all the things that would make it special.

No disrespect intended to you Stormwind lovers!!!

Same here. I can imagine they would have all sorts of food and skilled cooks. Would they be snobs and keep things purely Elvish, or would they want to perfect the meals of other cultures and serve clientele from all corners of the world? Silvermoon is the answer I want to give, but it probably isn’t.

Boralus looks like a good place to me. Fresh sea food of all sorts, and various fowl and forms of meat in the outskirts.

I think Dazaralor would compete but it may be too… creative… for my tastes. Boralus would serve stuff I know is good.

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True, but when i suggest food to someone not from America, a food court is the last option right before resorting to fast food. You usually have to go hunting among ethnic districts to find the good stuff.


Dalaran, hands down.

You’ve got mages traveling all over the world and the city is fairly accessible to anyone from anywhere. You’ve got a treant selling fresh produce (probably makes it itself), and you’ve got mages conjuring sweets. Pandaren whipping up specialties from their homeland would seem as natural there as Nightborne selling arcwine and cheese. You could probably find just about anything in Dalaran.


I’m not saying Stormwind has a food court; I’m saying their street meat is about the same quality as you’d find in a food court.

It looks like the noodles you wanted, it might even smell like it. But as soon as you taste them, the blandness is obvious.

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That’s an extremely subjective call. What would have been more interesting a question as to what type of food.

Boralus and Zandalar being coastal cities are going to be big on seafood diets, as was

Stormwind gets fed by it’s breadbaskets in Goldshire and Westfall to be a fairly standard beef and grains kind of diet. supplemented with some sea catches

Night Elf cuisine seems to affect a highly asian flavor with a popular staple being spider meat.

Dwarves generally combine bear meat, wolf meat along with Humans, barley, and beer.

I’d have to go with the general consensus of Orgrimmar since it’s such a diverse hub for all of the Horde’s races, each district (valley) would probably have it’s own sights and smells.

Secondary though, I’d say Kul Tiras or Dazar’alor since they are both very bustling port cities that host many different races, including neutral ones that we may not encounter as much in the main factional cities.

I have a feeling the most lacking in variety would probably be Stormwind, not that there’s anything wrong with bread, cheese and wine!

Edit: I can’t say I’d be too excited to try any food in Lordaeron though… I’d stick with the mushrooms at most if I were among the living.

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My grandfather had his own vineyard, and made his own wine in Paterson, New Jersey. We’d go there and pick grapes to eat as we lived across the street.

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Night elves, which I’m basing purely off the night elf kimchi thing, which I assume means that other Korean food is on their menu…

And we all know Korean street food is legendary.

I will consult the WoW cookbooks for a more serious take.