Where to Get New Mount

Hey I figured it out! Blizz didn’t pick my number in RNG and not given it to my account yet. Go figure. Huh…guess not everyone has it. Also, cool you are riding it. Good on you Marie.

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I don’t know who Marie is, but the tree mount is really nice. You should check your mount filters, it’s in there. Also, there is no RNG about it. :man_shrugging:

Careful, thinking someone might pull a sylvie on you while riding it bud.

Well, there’s no chance of that happening to you, is there? :smirk:

If you happen to walk in my consecration, I can’t help it, but no I would never willfully destroy the undead like a good paladin. Nope. Never.

What’d you say? I wasn’t paying attention, I was busy running around on the tree mount, it’s basically incredible.

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/cast consecration

Oops you are smoking there a bit bud.


So you haven’t gotten it day one after Blizz has said there will be a delay in some people getting it .

Could you live up any more to the forum HMP meme then you already do .

Maybe the maintenance today will fix it who knows . Just check again at 8am pst .

got mine 3 hours ago upon logging in for the first time since maintenance (busy day IRL). just had to unwrap it in the mount tab

I logged in and saw that I had an unclaimed item in my collections tab and there it was. I must have been standing in the path it wanders.

i have it and am enjoying it very much!

@ My toon on EU - Still have not gotten it. Hoping it’ll be there when I log on tomorrow then. (Relogged etc a lot to do different things at different hours, still not showed up. Ah well… )

You know how many times I’ve posted this? :rofl:

Do a search for Flight Master’s Whistle in GD and you’ll see my big face linking it at least 4 times lol. I’m fairly certain a lot of players don’t look for Blizz responses.