Where to Get New Mount

Yeah it looks like it was as I suspected, a bug. The Wandering Ancient just showed up in my mount pile. Weird how that happened, but good on Blizzard for fixing it in a timely fashion.

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I can confirm this is not the case. I am currently on 30 days of purchased game time and I received the mount.

I believe that the tree mount is not available in the Classic version of World of Warcraft. You will have to retail yourself!

Just tiered off by random number generator and people have to wait despite paying for the expansion before others, etc. All because Blizz over promised that people would get the mount with the expansion launch, but apparently lacked the ability to release to everyone at the same time

Can you give me a link where they said we’d get that mount upon SL launch?

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…was in the video of blizzconline?

So, February 19th 2021?

Yeah when they announced when everyone was going to get the thing…they said it was coming to us with 9.0.5 and well, sure it came to SOME people, just not everyone with SL like they said.

Everyone has it, not sure what you’re complaining about.

::looks at mount tab:: Nope still not there
::talks to friends in game:: nope they don’t have it.

So…whats that about not everyone having it?

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It’s unlocked as a gift.

Hope your day gets better Jared, you complaining nonstop every day can’t be good for you.

Except that gift isn’t there either. I know how their mount gift animation works. You can even search your mount unlocks before “opening” it and its there. When you don’t have it, its grey. Take a guess what color it is…

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I pay with either 60 day game time cards and occasionally tokens and I had mine.

All I did was open my mount tab the image was there on the right side , clicked on it an poof I had mount.


if people have filters set, they might not see the gift I think.

This isn’t the case in this instance…why are you refusing to believe this? Even blizz has been here on these forums saying it

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That’s already been established. If you don’t have it, then you will get it. So, what’s the big deal?

Oh by the way their mount special is AMAZING!

That I don’t have it, and this isn’t what they said they would have at launch? That and, you are wrong too, as a side note, since you said…

but not everyone does HAVE it. They will GET it, but not HAVE it now…those are very 2 distinctly different things

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Yeah, everyone does have it, you’re just mistaken. Look again jared.

If you can’t ride the thing and its not in the journal you don’t have it…Your own response shows you either misunderstand having vs getting is… or you are just confused

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That comment is taken out of context. You should probably waste less time on the forums, and go back into game and figure out why you aren’t riding around on the Tree mount.

It’s basically one of the best mounts I’ve ever seen, and I feel bad for anyone not using it right now.