Where to Get New Mount

I had two downloads. Maybe check your Bnet and make sure you don’t have another?

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Have both new downloads and relogged no mount for me …

According to the update above, you might just need to wait a day or two. Hopefully no longer than that. Some of us are excited to try it out!

Why didn’t blizzard just do the logical solution to this and put it in the store for $0. There’d be no odd delivery bug with that.

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You have to grow it. Takes 10 years to get full size.

Would likely cause complications with accounting. (Not a joke; had that happen at a company where we offered a free service with a product.)

This is correct. The mount is being granted to all Shadowlands players at this time.


We all knew it was going to win just based on how unique the premise was. We already have floating inanimate objects, rideable bugs, and cats galore.

But can you ride on a flippin’ ent? I think not.

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Funny how a blue post materializes on such a mundane subject.


I want my treebeard!

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Thank you for the confirmation! :smiley:

It’s almost like the forum reps have access to some quick and easy answers so they might as well give them, but don’t have final answers given to them by the actual developers about other bugs that are still being researched, or game balance, or reward systems, or have already relayed the developers’ answers on things like customization options and don’t spend all day every day reiterating things they’ve already said that you just don’t like.


Don’t know if this is tied to why some people have the mount yet others do not, but in the interest of potentially solving frustrations I’m sure others have; here’s the scenario I am running into.

I have Shadowlands on my prime account, but I also cancelled a couple of days back my monthly because I’m doing FFXIV as well on the side and enjoying it atm, since the whole log-in, do 3 callings and Maw gets stale after a period of repetition.

So either we’re dealing with a bug where accounts that aren’t on a monthly sub are not being flagged as eligible, or this is intended. I suspect it’s the former (by this I mean it’s almost assuredly a bug).

Yet at the same time, after how everything went down on the Eternal Traveler set and it’s nebulous wording relating to who got the transmog and who did not; I can’t rule out that it might not be the latter as well, and a case of a critical caveat not being well communicated.

All in all, it’s a general fatigue with this sort of thing seeming to happen again and again, that’s caused me give a pause on paying with cash for the game as opposed to generating gold via dailies to get a WoW Token as I desire.

Hopefully the matter is resolved soon.

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So wait… Blizzard just, out of the blue, announced they’re giving every single person a free mount, one that looks better than most of the cash shop mounts… for the sole reason of actually still being here?

Wow. I can’t tell if this is a nice gesture or pure, unfettered panic.

it was a contest 4 options a tree won over the other 3. im still waiting for mine

i think its just random, though im still waiting.

Yeah it looks like it was as I suspected, a bug. The Wandering Ancient just showed up in my mount pile. Weird how that happened, but good on Blizzard for fixing it in a timely fashion.

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I can confirm this is not the case. I am currently on 30 days of purchased game time and I received the mount.

I believe that the tree mount is not available in the Classic version of World of Warcraft. You will have to retail yourself!

Just tiered off by random number generator and people have to wait despite paying for the expansion before others, etc. All because Blizz over promised that people would get the mount with the expansion launch, but apparently lacked the ability to release to everyone at the same time

Can you give me a link where they said we’d get that mount upon SL launch?

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