Where to Get New Mount

The Big Walking Tree.

How do we get it? It does come out today, right?

Just saw on the support page they are expecting delays for the delivery of the Wandering Ancient mount and every one should have it within the next few days


These mounts are offshoots from the branches of Teldrassil… Gotta go there to get your mount.

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Probably just be mailed to you.

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Thanks for the info!

Kind of a bummer, but what can you do?

So it will be delayed


Make rage threads in the GD forums, each describing how this is a slap to the face.

Some players will probably say something about false advertisement and make vague threats about a lawsuit…

And there will definitely be threads about how this shows that Blizz is a horrible company and the game is dying.


Well, sounds like it will still be here this week. So, thats good news.

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That…escalated quickly

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What a weird thing to delay…like didn’t they have this thing made like last year? And told us it would be live with 9.05 like 3 weeks ago?

Also good job everyone who picked the only mount that can’t walk through any doorway in the game. Nice one.


Just a shame there’s no way this magic Tree can fly.


Missing Wandering Ancient

Updated: 6 hours ago

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Common Problems

* I can’t find the wandering tree mount

  • Didn’t get the community voted mount yet

The Wandering Ancient will be added to all Shadowlands accounts over the days following 9.0.5 patch release.

The mount is added directly to your collection. If you can’t see it, try to reset your collection filters.

Only accounts upgraded with Shadowlands are eligible for the Wandering Ancient.

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Right? It’s like they just started figuring out distribution on launch day. Imagine if normal companies tried to operate like that.

I wonder if it will be larger on my Tauren than on my Forsaken? Either way, no way that thing is fitting through any doors…super annoying.


Who knows, I mean… there’s some weird flying mounts in this game.

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Missed time gating opportunity. They could have had us grow the tree with a series of daily quests stretched over however long this patch will last.


Thanks for that update, it answers one of the key things I was trying to find out: How, exactly, we get it. Straight to our mount collection works for me!

They still have time, don’t give them any new ‘content’ ideas.


I’m afraid you’ve just given them a terrible new idea!

They don’t fly.

I just logged on, a few people have it already.

They don’t fly.


if you are using wow token time can you still get it? someone told me you have to actually have a sub

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