Where is the Lounge?

It had been some months and everything looks different and confusing, is there a lounge type thread like the good old days?

Think this was the last one

Look for the search option next to your portrait in the top right and type in Lounge. Should work.

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Oh nice, btw are we able to close these sort of question topics?

I sort of don’t know what sort of powers we all have been given.

Not that I am aware of. In the support section you can choose a “solution” (or you could on the old forums) which will mark it with a green check mark that notes it has been answered, but not here. Best bet is to just let it lie and hopefully people will see that it has been dealt with and not reply.

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:smile:I had just noticed the setting where I am able to turn off notifications on this topic etc.

I think that will do the trick and thank you for showing me the way:smile: