Where is the Horde Caverns of Time portal?

Can someone tell me where it is in orgrimmar please. They said Horde and Alliance would be getting one this patch. Alliance has one that is working now in their portal room. Can someone please tell me where the horde one is. I haven’t been able to find it.

Alliance bias!

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Take a left as you walk through the hall into the Portal Hub in Orgrimmar, there is a set of stairs leading to the new room.


So the newly created Portal Hub wasn’t big enough?

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I’m sure it was big enough when they wanted to remove every useful portal. But since people actually need to go other places, there’s nowhere to put the new portals.

I’m not sure what the endgame plan for them was, since they had to have known they’d make more portals.


There’s a locked gate up a small set of stairs in the Alliance room. I assume they’d expand into there if needed.

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I believe it was always their intention to have two levels, as the stairs/room already existed, just behind the closed gate. Now its open with room for another 4-5 portals.

Thank you sooo much!

Thanks a bunch!

No idea those portals were there. Awesome. Thank you.

They were built to be modular. The horde one can have additional floors.
I’m surprised the same wasn’t done with the Alliance one since there’s doors to another floor, but instead they just added another set of alcoves.

That’s what I expected…maybe they will at some point instead of adding more alcoves.

Thank you!