Where is the Cata Beta/prepatch/news?

Other than Ruby sanctum launching I feel like Wrath/Cata has been neglected. Can we get an update on when Beta will go live or Prepatch on PTR? Maybe some news on what they plan to change?

An update of any kind would be nice.


SoD is definitely stealing all the spotlight.
It is sad really.

Blizzard gave hungry people SoD and they jumped on it like mice on cheese.

Anyway, there are really no new news, outside of some basic stuff we know from Blizzcon, website and the next day sit down interview.

  • Faster content release (whatever that means…16 weeks? 12 weeks per patch?)
  • modern AH (Region or realm?)
  • modern transmog (But like, Shadowlands modern or Dragonflight modern?)
  • some leveling brackets will have faster leveling a’la JJ. They didn’t tell us what, but it’s either gonan be TBC or Wrath level brackets.
  • Release date first half of 2024.
  • They are THINKING of making changes to some guild perks. But no actual details were given, outside of how they are thinking to make changes to guild leveling speeds to allow smaller guilds not to fall behind and maybe changes to gold perks.

Since Blizzcon, zero news.


They have a literal roadmap with time frames, you people just sit on the internet all day and whine on the forums.

Cata is not till summer, pre patch wont even come out until we have a PTR for cata which will prob be some time end of spring…

They do interviews all the time with content creators, get off the forums and go out and listen.

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In regards to leveling brackets – Im sure they will be continuing the trend of launching the last patch and there were leveling changes in 4.3:

Improved Outland & Northrend Quest Flow

  • The amount of experience needed to gain levels 71 through 80 has been reduced by approximately 33%.
  • Many Group quests in Outland and Northrend have been re-tuned to allow players to complete them solo. They are no longer labeled as Group quests.
  • Relevant questgivers have been moved into Outland and Northrend dungeons. The majority of dungeon quests for these zones are now available from within their respective dungeons.
  • Modern AH + Transmog – Those topics both open up a good amount of questions.

  • Faster content release – Maybe they should start that now by atleast giving us updates.


Beta is scheduled for winter.


Yep, prob are FEB after sod phase 2 launches

some of these people literally can’t read or search for news. We had updates and news since last year, these people are just not very intelligent and need to be spoon fed on the forums which is not a place where news is posted.

Its 2024 all news is posted on Twitter, streamer interviews, and Wowhead, not battle net forums lol.

You’re either actually brain dead, or this is some sort of act.
This is from the timeline.
So no, it’s not false. Instead of taking a second to process what’s written, you fuming and smashing your keyboard. Take a deep breath. Go back and re-read my post.

Everything I’ve listed is from either interviews or posts. There were only 1, maybe 2 interviews, and they all have covered the same thing.

Tell me what I’ve missed or said wrong. Go ahead.

All we really have is Blizzcon announcement + this the day after sit down. There may have been one more with Scottiejay, but nothing crazy came out of that one.


I don’t know if he’s trolling or if there’s something wrong upstairs but I agree there has been hardly any news.

Nobody stated that the forums is where developers exclusively communicate but it seems like it’s still a pretty direct line of communication even if the Blues don’t reply very often. I’m sure it’s part of someone’s job responsibilities to read the posts and communicate to a team.

Also, is it that insane for them to announce a beta a week or two in advance?

It is def in February.
The timeline clearly says it is between sod and ssf and we know both dates (early February and February)

Besides, I have no idea why this thread derailed so much. Ofc there is no news about Cata because beta isn’t even up yet and Cata isn’t coming until like June.
Wait for beta. It is coming soon. Most questions will be answered there. Pretty sure they will also have plenty of Q&As from beta onwards.

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Blizzard has a history of horrendous communication. I don’t know why you’d expect any different now. In the past they wouldn’t say a word about something until less than 2 weeks before it happened. This “timeline” is the first time they’ve ever given some kind of schedule far in advance. It only took until phase 4 of game 3.

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I just pray that the LFG tool doesn’t become the auto group found and entered. I don’t mind the tool as I feel it fits the world, kind of like posting a note of the board>

But Microsoft just layer off 1600 people so and a lot came from blixxard. Prayed blizzard was told to craft a WoW two and no auto grouping from the start. Just make a game like the first 3 that people want to live and play in…

? huh?

RDF? I’m sorry, i’m not following.

According to the roadmap the Cata beta is almost smack dab between winter and spring. Or…within the next few weeks.

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what do you need to test in beta? we had Beta in 2010.

Idk… maybe the new AH, new transmog, the new beta protocol and overall the backport of Cata into the new retail client?


You mean like within the next few days… not weeks… best I can offer is if you signed up for beta, keep and eye on your email as blizzard would invite you. I have 4 beta at my login and I’ve only checked the era PTRs and zero login… But yes I think the forum should have already created the Cata PTR tab…


Cata runs on retail’s engine about entirely. you can see retail as the Beta for it.

in fact, i find it strange they didn’t run it 100% on retail engine and airlift features as needed rather than rebuild the bad old features.

I know? I said backport of Cata into retail client.
However software engineering isn’t that easy. If backport all code and data structure you tend to have bugs… which you have to test which we call beta.

The AH and transmog system is most likely going to be the current retail version, you still have to test it tho as for example Cata has different transmogs.

At the end its good for us so we can see what they change in Cata beforehand.


I’m signed up for Beta to just see what’s up. But i’m honestly a bad beta tester.

I still got a lot of chores I need to do in Wrath before we move on to Cataclysm xD

Im so hyped though. I love Cataclysm. I actually genially think/believe that it’s a superior version to Wrath. I find Cataclysm to be better in every way.