Where is the Azerite Gear Vendor?

(Timetrvlr) #1

Currently on the PTR, the Azerite Gear Vendor, Thaumaturge Vashreen, is missing from the room in Tradewinds Market.

Does this mean that we will no longer be able to buy Azerite gear using Titan Residuum once 8.1.5 is released?

(Wilanór) #2

All gear vendors are in the PVP area by the Ashvane docks.

(Timetrvlr) #3

I just checked that area on the PTR. There’s no sign of Vashreen and, while you can get Azerite gear for free from the vendors on the PTR, none of them sell gear for Titan Residuum.

(Wilanór) #4

That’s because all gear on PTR is sold by one purveyor. It’s been that way for years.

You don’t get to keep anything from the PTR.

Trust me. The Azerite vendor that sells for Residuum will be back when 8.1.5 goes live selling azerite gear.

(Timetrvlr) #5

I hope you are right. However, why would they go to the trouble of removing him? He was there earlier on the PTR at the start of season 2, as that’s when we first saw the 400 and 415 Azerite gear.

(Wilanór) #6

That’s not true. You’re mistaken.

I’ve been logged in to almost every PTR build since PTR started.
If you saw him next to the Token vendor it was by mistake as the PVP area has always had all gear there since Alpha.

It could also be when you saw the vendor there you were playing a retail ( final release ) version of the game.

Edit : After looking at the current PTR the only gear they have is lvl 415 gear.