Where is Robert Newhearth in BfA?

I’m trying to wrap the Waterlogged Tome quest but I’m unable to locate Robert Newhearth. He’s supposed to be inside The Violet Citadel in Dalaran (in the right balcony) but I’m unable to locate him and instead the only thing that shows in his location is the portal to the Purple Parlor. Has he been relocated in BfA and if so, where?

Did you find him? I am having the same problem. If so, I would appreciate some help.

Sadly, no. I’ve dug on old forum posts but there’s no information past WoD. As this is an old quest, nobody seems to care. For the achievement hunters, this is BS…

You probably have incomplete legion quests that are phasing you out from seeing this npc. For example, the portal to the purple room goes away after you complete the quests that need it.

A little Late, but I finally figured it out. As Tinkerrific said, the clue was Legion. There was no bug per se, but the quest showed to me before I accessed Legion!!! After I started the campaign, I headed directly to the The Violet Citadel, there was no portal and there was Robert! Finally got rid of that tome!!!

So, to summarize: In order to complete this quest, Dalaran needs to be on the Broken Isles, not in Northrend.