Where is Race Change?

The title says it all.


As desperate as we all are to give Blizzard more money, I kinda hope that they’re gonna add a race change to the barber shop and that’s why it’s delayed? They removed the gold cost for skin/face and made body type changes free so it would make sense but it is 100% speculation. I’ll give them $25 for it if I have to lol

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They must be waiting to offer it in a different quarter for an earnings report


Lmao. This actually could be true. Especially with the data-mined news they’re adding one-life worlds or w/e. Trying to stack next quarter’s earnings. Rats…

Can you please go back and read and stop spreading false information? The only thing theyre adding is a warning before you join the server. Everything else is the same

poggers we got it boys


troll, wheres race change?

Retail where all the good quality is.

imagine… private wotlk servers can do race changes ???

Race change is on the left side of the character creation screen bro…

Have a link to that?

  1. Go to your character creation screen
  2. Choose your faction
  3. *Choose your race
  4. Choose your class
  5. Pick a name
  6. Pooof you have a character

I meant link to the “one-life” realms the other poster was talking about.

they can also make you swim through earth.

Honestly this isn’t speculation it’s actually intelligent imo. They are greedy AF business milking this into the ground. This is a good possibly reason why.

2009 xD Already seen this on FAD.

its coming brah

havent you heard?

what a total joke it is that it still hasnt released and they have total silence after the free transfers to squeeze just that much more profit out of the faction change

Bumping this thread.

Also when is the cap for boosting 1 character per account being lifted? I have money to spend and 0 desire to play 1-70 ever again.