Where is Camouflage?

Why isn’t Camouflage listed on the baseline abilities for SL?

Ion said he didn’t want people feeling like they’re forced to pick a talent because it’s something that is a defining characteristic of a class - or something to that affect. So why isn’t Camouflage listed in the SL baseline talents?

For me, this is the talent I will always take - no matter what. I’m sure a lot of Hunters feel the same way. It may not have been in Classic, but it is almost as much of an iconic ability as Aspect of the Cheetah is to Hunters who have played for some time.


In a Marksmanship’s case, I’ve only ever used Camouflage for PvP because of how powerful it is. You can still do a few abilities like setting traps and channel (Especially for Marksmanship) for a heavy hitting ambush surprise and often a lot of the time they are pretty much dead. The healing itself isn’t worth it but being able to stealth is nice but not as grand as Trailblazer or the Exhileration one for the rest of the content outside of PvP or just for when you hate being caught with your pants down.

Honestly, if there needs to be a baseline from that tier, it is Exhileration’s Natural Mending. If you truly think about it, you benefit it a lot, especially BM because it extends to pets which often you will use a lot and they will get hurt and even as Marksman you tend to get pretty messed up too in some scenarios too and you don’t have any other healing.

Much as I like camouflage but it feels truly situational for me compared to Trailblazer and Natural Mending, and again, serves greatly only in PvP the most.

That’s a good question… Camo has definitely become a staple ability for hunters and I for one agree it should be baseline by now. It’s been in the game long enough at this point that they clearly think hunters should have it.

If it stays as an ability they should make it more interesting, remove the CD, make it more like stealth if it is to remain a talent. There has to be something they can do to spice it up. Or even make it (as a talent) into a defensive ability.

Camo: Talenting into this ability gives Camo a 45 second CD and upon entering Camo you become un target-able by enemies, healing for % health over the duration and reducing all damage by 100% for the duration, but you cannot attack or cast any ability other than trap while in Camo. lasts 8 Seconds.

This being a talent, while not perfect would help not only in pvp as an OH SNAP button while your healer sits through Blind / Sap / Sheep / Clone combo’s, but also in M+ and Raiding to avoid certain mechanics. As long as you are in Camo, you would take 100% reduced damage and maybe heal for a total of like 15% of your HP. It should’nt be crazy OP, but hunters, like ferals and enhance, need some love in the defensive department.

I liked it better in previous versions. Hate the long cooldown and duration once used, especially since we don’t get any bonuses on abilities used fromstealth and can’t turn it on unless out of combat. MM certainly should get additional damage on aimed and sniper when used from camo, makes a lot of sense or at least a pvp talent to add that perk to it.