Where have all the Raiding Warlocks gone off to?

We have a solid raid team of mostly mature players most of the time .We have raided every week for the last 3 1/2 years as a guild raid team. We offer full clear Heroic every week and begin Mythic Tuesday. We offer a time efficient raid team where chants, pre-pots ,cauldrons ,gems, and repairs are provided for. We also run higher keys as guild ,vision groups, arenas and war-mode groups as well . What we are LF in our raiders is non toxic personalities, above average performance and improvement , solid attendance, being ready to go and personal accountability. Our LOGS are public Braveheart on US Mok’Nathal connected US Silvermoon .Thank you . Discord = Horse#5014 GM of Braveheart or Discord Zeack#4162 = Raid Leader Thoir . We Raid Tues and Wed 545 PM PST that’s 845 PM EST

We all switched to DH so we can get invited to M+ groups


I hear Ion purge them because they have covid 19. We are only a few left.

My main is Lock ilvl 449 equipped, resubbed 3 days ago, hit neck 79 and Cloak rank 7, I’d love to do normal and heroic raids, but I’m on Oceanic Realms :sob::sob:

Well at least if none of your are not recruit able…you all have a solid sense of humor

would post in the warlock discord under promotion or guilds(?) i believe its called.

you’ll reach a much wider audience

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Yeah , we do all that too

I beat N’zoth LFR. Game’s over.


i need to raid weekend frinedly guild

I hate where Warlocks are at for Mythic+. I can’t even find a group to finish a 15…


I’ve been raiding on lock in BfA and 8.3 feels pretty bad. Here are my bigger issues:

  1. lack of interrupts, a slow damage ramp profile, and clunkiness of Tyrant targeting (try telling them not to bolster) makes M+ feel pretty bad… even when I’m doing great I’m just watching a pet wreck the place. Our biggest direct damage button Felstorm goes on hidden cooldown randomly unless we micromanage our pet.
  2. Affliction is currently the worst dps spec in the game in raids and 3rd worst spec overall in keys
  3. Destro needs to reforge azerite in order to turn around or blink
  4. Corruption effects are a bunch of “move or else” effects, which are annoying for any caster
  5. Locks don’t have it as bad as other classes in horrific visions, but the dual-madnesses in 5 mask clears are insults to injury.
  6. Demo felguard feels flimsy these days. Not sure what changed… maybe they were benefitting from a portion of our armor and got kicked in the teeth by that PvP nerf?

Git guud…

is not about git guud, its about pay to win to buy the corruptions to do dps.



I won’t argue that corruption CAN be slightly pay-to-win BiS the AH if you have the means to buy BoEs for the very few slots that you can and IS totally reliant on RNG, but I’ve purchased 0 BoEs this entire expansion and still always found a way to perform at a high level. Faulting an alleged “pay-to-win” system for your failure to play a class/space is deflecting blame. Hop on the warlock discord, read the FAQs/guides, and ask questions. That’s how sub-par players can learn to perform optimally.

As far as M+ goes, I have no problem timing high keys. People are obsessed with the MDI comps, but the truth is that destro and demo lock can perform well if the player is competent and geared accordingly. I prefer destro for the interrupt for high keys, but both specs are perfectly capable.

You should learn your class before blaming RNG or a falsely accused “pay-to-win” system.

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I am doing just fine as Affliction in raids/

This is the only time, i see this many locks.

yep, we are on the forums complaining of our class in the forums instead of playing the game, thats BFA from a warlock perspective.


here :wave: :wave: :wave:


We are busy fighting covid 19 dont you see our masks. Geeze all people want are healths stones. Havent your heard of a priest for healing.

We will probably decrease now that we see the bad deaigner ideas for shadowlands.

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Aye… class balance is okay for raids right now. Most specs are viable. Keys are another story.

I think the bigger issue for me is how clunky everything feels as Demo (all of our powers feel like they are working at cross purposes… e.g.:

  • tyrants empower our demons, but, when played properly, they consume our imps and require so much setup time that we don’t have other demons out
  • our pet can’t do a big felstorm if it is doing a little one
  • We need to feed imps to our tyrant, but we also need to sacrifice imps to maintain EP
  • Tyrants update their stats slowly, so you need to precast any buffs that you want to benefit from during the window when you’re trying to get out as many imps as possible
  • tyrants are a big part of our damage, but they attack what they want and are worthless against any baddies that are being kited (most of the pillar bosses)

Affliction would be in a fine place if its numbers were just cranked up. It’s the “DoT” spec, so it should be doing epic damage against anything that survives a very long time without melee cleave or that has spread cleave… for the bosses that fit these bill (survives awhile without much cleave–>Shadhar and Inquisitor… sustained spread cleave–>Drestagath and Il’gynoth) Affliction barely breaks into the top half of specs. On multi-target cleave fights (e.g., hivemind and Carapace) it is bottom of the barrel. It’s one saving grace is that it can wreck face against one target for a short time every three minutes.

Destro is probably in an okay place… I just don’t like how it plays.

So, I get to faceroll my way to victory on my warrior instead.