Where do I pay for beta?

Given the usual track record and jokes that fly around, you’ve already paid for the beta, it just hasn’t launched yet and doesn’t launch until Oct 26 when SL gets pushed to the live servers.

do you guys want me to take a picture of my dudes that are on torghast server? all i’ve done in beta is check out some customization stuff. i’m not ruining the game for myself this close to release.

I mean that’s really besides the point, they’ve had codes for a while now, and streamers indeed give them out. Which is what he was talking about. The “no codes” thing was from months ago.

my partner got one from a friend and she gave it to me because she didn’t care about beta. of all the pointless things to lie about this close to release. :expressionless:

afaik, there are still no codes.
for give-aways, the bnet is passed on to blizz, and access is enabled.

Good thing we don’t base things on what you know I guess

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do you have beta? i’ll meet you where you choose your convenant. give me a sec to update the client. i haven’t been on in a few days.

imagine doubling down and still being that wrong. XD

I got into BFA alpha and did the exact same thing, OP. >.>

Checked out whatever was new at the time character and race wise, learned the layout of the new town (considering Dazlar’alor’s maze that was the best beta time ever spent… next to reporting bugs), ran the entry scenario, did some town quests, and that was basically it. It was not worth it to spoil the content beyond the town’s gates.

I did report a number of bugs, though!

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doesn’t bother me… do what you feel you need to do to prove yourself :smile:
not sure why you care so much about what other people think.

i was given access with the last wave, but all i’d be doing is testing stuff which will go live with the pre-patch, so there’s not much point downloading it at this point.

i don’t want to spoil it for myself. :slight_smile:

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if you’re gonna accuse someone of lying expect that when they’re not that you’re gonna get called out on it. i can log into beta right now and meet you somewhere. i don’t magically not have access because you doubt i do.

And that’s your right. We live in a culture so spoiler-saturated you literally can’t miss a show’s newest episode without seeing SpEcUlAtIoN??? Spoiler videos immediately crop up in your recommended YouTube feed or Reddit or any other site the second the da** thing’s over. Jeeze.

It’s like seeing Santa unwrap your gifts for you on December 12th. Meh.

notice how it says “keys”? not keys?
it’s being referred to as “keys”, because that’s what people have always called it.

just like people call “suspensions” … “bans”.
or “connections”… “mergers”.

in addition, notice how it says they can’t be sold/transferred?

also, posted 4 hours ago:

i got it so late that it wouldn’t do much in terms of me helping anything anyway. and i only have access to torghast and can only make level 60s. so i couldn’t put in bugs from leveling anyway.

yes and i put something on on my account and now have beta access.you’re trying to gotcha about using the term keys but that’s how we’re using it. like do you even logic bro?

i’m not saying you don’t have access.

i’m only doubting the method via which you claim you obtained access.

different things :wink:

For anyone that doesn’t have it check your email account the game is registered to .

They sent out a new wave of beta invites. Currently downloading myself.

heh ok.

if you say so.

i’ve got a day to do, enjoy your internet argument about nothing important :slight_smile:

Yet you’re on here every day doing exactly that.

You can literally see their in the beta group on his profile, but he’s just going to randomly lie about the obtained method. Sure