Where did the dragons ACTUALLY originate from?

So there has been some retconning and I was just curious if the dragons originated from Northrend or the Dragon Isles because I remember in old lore it stated that Galakrond was the progenitor of all proto dragons and sometimes called the father of them and he was from Northrend. What I am seeing is saying that Dragon Isles is their original home, did they retcon it or was it misunderstood? From what I understand, even to this day there are proto dragons that never ascended and they live in Northrend as unchanged as they were thousands of years ago much like the land there. Personally, I love Northrend and learning about the origination of life and the curse of flesh, the Titans and whatnot was amazing, it made me awe.


Dragon Isles are likely where the Titans turned the Proto-Drakes into Dragons after Tyr found them in Northrend.

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protodrakes came from elementals.


That’s what I was thinking, since Tyr found them. He helped them defeat Galakrond didn’t he? I don’t remember exactly but I remember they saw potential in them and that’s why they elevated them.

To the other guy: Almost everything came from machines, stone or elements on Azeroth. It was the curse of flesh that made things well… fleshy

Dragons were fleshy long before the curse of flesh was a thing.

The curse of flesh only affected most Titanforged races. That being the Vrykul, Mogu, Earthern, Mechagnomes and Tol’vir.

I find it funny though when you put down the King Mechagon toy and he says that a troll, elf, orc and draenei suffer from the curse of flesh. Two of them are from different planets and the other two were already fleshy before Yogg made the curse. Hell, Elves came from trolls.


I don’t think we have a definite timeline of when the Curse of Flesh affected Azeroth. And Trolls could very likely have originally been Titanforged, given Uldir.

I mean overall as a whole a lot of the races. I am playing through Northrend and am in Storm Peaks on an alt, looks like Dwarves as well? They started as elemental/stone and storm. Iron Dwarves too, not to be confused with Dark Iron. Man I loved Northrend! Learning Azeroth’s history was so fun :smiley:

He viewed all flesh as being cursed.


I mean, he’s not wrong haha! I’m only 30 and my body is already falling apart xD

the dragonflight reveal suggested trolls came from elementals, too.

That would be kind of cool honestly. I love how everything has similar origins.

Huh, I hadn’t put those together til now… I already love Trolls, but having even a tangential connection to dragons in their ancestry is a really fun lore tidbit I kinda want explored by these primordials

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It would make tons of sense that Trolls descend from Elementals when you think about it. It’d explain why they are so quick to evolve into subraces depending on the type of biome they live in.


Elementals becoming protodragons is attributed to the explosion of organic life that spread across Azeroth from Azeroth’s spilled energies in the immediate wake of Y’shaarj’s extraction and the other Old Gods’ imprisonment, while the Curse of Flesh happened later when Yogg-Saron started waking up in Ulduar and “infected” the Forge of Wills.

Ultimately between dragons on Azeroth and Grond’s descendants on Draenor (as well as hints of other animal life being similarly originated, like the riverbeasts of Draenor having stone armor plates on their bodies and various animals on both worlds displaying inherently elemental characteristics and powers), it’s made to seem that exposure to concentrated Life energies over time causes elemental organisms to become flesh. Being forged from stone and metal, the titan-forged are technically elemental in their composition, so the Curse of Flesh destabilized built-in safeguards that had originally prevented them from being affected by “high-stress environments” (see: exposure to mutative energies), allowing Azeroth’s by then widespread and potent Life energies to make many of them organic over time.

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So essentially some life like proto dragons were born from concentrated energies after some old god shennanigans then everyone else from the curse of flesh from Yogg Saron. Dwarves were a titanforged race weren’t they? Mechagnomes, Vrykul and some others for sure suffered the curse of flesh but dwarves started as elemental dwarves, storm, iron and stone. So I would assume they counted as well. I loved Wotlk, the stories of how life on the planet originated mostly from northrend was interesting, we got to learn of our origins.

My only question is, did the protodragons originate from Northrend or did they retcon that? The original lore said they originated from Northrend from their progenitor grond so I assume like one dude mentioned it was after meeting tyr that they went to the isles and ascended or what have you.

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Well, while it chronologically happened after the Old Gods’ reign, the actual change from elemental to protodragon is attributed to exposure to the concentrated Life energies that exploded across Azeroth from the planet’s titanic lifeblood spilling all over the place. The Old Gods themselves didn’t facilitate that change.

While it’s where the soon-to-be-Aspects confronted and finally defeated Galakrond, it’s not entirely definitive that the protodragons all originated in the Northrend region of Ancient Kalimdor. There isn’t necessarily anything preventing protodragons from having originally been endemic to many parts of the old supercontinent, with them later either deliberately gathering in Northrend and the Dragon Isles or dying out elsewhere due to external factors (like perhaps other mortal races proliferating in those regions and hunting them to extinction.) In the modern day protodragons seem to only significantly inhabit Northrend and the Dragon Isles, but that wasn’t necessarily always the case, especially back before the empires of mortal races started spreading across Azeroth who likely wouldn’t just put up with huge flights of protodragons being around, eating their livestock and their people.


I’m sure there were dragons everywhere, not just in Northrend of course. I just thought they had put emphasis on Northrend being their primary birth place because the whole fight against Galakrond was to save their fellow flights and homeland since Galakrond was there eating all the other dragons. I wish they would clear up the timeline, I suppose it would make sense they originated from there considering that is where their corrupt father of dragons resides. Tons of proto drakes still exist there unchanged from thousands of years in the harsh environment. But it’s probably like you said, there were dragons from all over the planet, maybe the broods the aspects stemmed from specifically were just born there/inhabited it or others gathered there so they could live together in bigger groups. Also, old gods are awesome! I would love to see more of them. Aren’t they based off lovecraftian stuff? Like beholders and whatnot.

So basically compared to all of the others, Orcs are normal folk?

No, they’re titancraft too. just magical titancraft instead of mechanical.

Please don’t make Trolls titancraft too…