Where are the Zeppelins/Boats?

Are they not working or something? I have a bunch of people asking in general chat, but they’re just not showing up? Are they timegated or bugged?

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no boats right now on my server…

Yeah most people on my server are like ?!?!?!? It’d be funny if they time gated it.

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have yet to see one

There is a known issue that’s causing zeppelins and boats to be unavailable on certain servers (mainly the ones brought online after initial launch), which is obviously a major concern if you’re looking to switch starting areas to meet up with friends, or are getting to higher levels and have quests sending you across the sea. The upcoming regionwide restarts (4.5 hours from this post for NA/OCE) will fix this going forward.


Thank you so much for classic! Love all of you <3

Thank you!

tyvm for the response!

Confirmed - Ion won’t be getting any sleep from now until BC Classic.

Can we have Captain Placeholder back in the meantime?

Love the work, but if there was ever a chance to put that beloved NPC back in the game, now is it

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That would require a patch in. Which wouldn’t have him go live until after the zeps are fixed anyway.

I remember this happened after a major patch in retail,pre expansion or expansion, forget which. At least at that time you could pay a mage to get around for the day, it was a windfall for high level mages that day!

A wild Watcher appears!

Non-functional boats definitely bring back memories of Classic for me. It could be worse, though. They could take you into Alterac Mountains.

I need to drown off Menethil after my ship vanishes to complete my Classic experience.