Where are the WSG Rewards?

I thought they were out today. Is it tomorrow?

phase 5 or 6 for the epic rewards.

The Blues are supposed to be Phase III

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Darkmoon Faire.

What does that mean? They fixed the faire but I still see no WSG rewards.

WSG blues tooo strong, rank 12-14 gear totally ok

The blue post said 3pm today for rep items, if memory serves.

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Thank You Very Much!

Does this include pants as well or just bracers

What vanilla patch increased the quality of pvp gear?

and the epics are phase 5 or 6.

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Phase 5, AV, WAG, AB…

ill come back for ab the premades will be less by that time.

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If you’re serious you’re going to be in for a disappointment bud.

im just waiting for classic tbc there is nothing in classic wow if you dont raid and i dont.

retail 100% has better bgs then classic.