Where are the Patch notes for 8.1.5?


thanks a lot for trying to help, but I am mostly looking for OTA changes they haven’t even done on the PTR (they often do a lot of those, as weird as it sounds) that target much needed PvP balance.

(Blitzkareeg) #12

These are basically ALL of the class changes in this so called patch.


It used to be sad…now it’s just normal hahaha. I used to think “WoW, why should I need to go to mmo-champ and wowhead for patch notes” now I do it without a second thought.

(Vixie) #14

I don’t know what makes you think that patch notes should precede the patch. It would be better to post it while they’re the patching. More accurate that way.

All the 3rd party sites are datamined/PTR info - everything may not be correct (happened in the past). Not necessarily what goes Live.

Relax, just wait til tomorrow.

(Valrayne) #15

I wouldn’t worry about it. 99% of the changes are always undocumented. You’ll need to visit 3rd party sites to get the real patch notes.

And thats only a slight exaggeration.

(Kaivax) #16


oh well, guess PvP metagame is still trash
Gonna buy a race change and leave the account unsubbed until they at least fix Disc Priest

Edit: woah, I cant buy a race change if I’m not subbed? :////

(Blitzkareeg) #18

Thank you. Guess ill be running IE’s for tokens to send to my new Zandi hunter that I will level so VERY VERY casually.

Race change(on sale!!!) and a name change is my first task after fully unlocking them, and then Hati!!!


Thank you can’t wait for Hati.:heart_eyes:

(Bertimus) #20

Ok so you guys labeled these as “content update notes”. Are we reading too much into it by thinking there will be a separate “class update notes” post as well? Do you feel like we should expect class updates at this point in BfA, given feedback and visible and public manifestations of the class dynamics with stuff like the arena tournament?


Excited for everything except this.

“Check out how Arathi Basin now looks with a new Brawl: Arathi Comp Stomp. You and other players will team up to fight against AI enemies, starting the week of March 19 when it becomes available for the first time.”

Artificial Intelligence in PvP makes it not PvP at all. Please don’t make PvP a total and complete joke by furthering this “technology” in it. Keep AI’s in PvE content where it belongs. PvP is for playing against other players.

One brawl is questionable and makes me worried that this could be a bridge to introducing something that could ruin a whole play style. PvP may not be the most popular thing to do… but those of us who like to do it, don’t want to fight AI’s.

I for one will not participate in this mock PvP experience.


AP gains have been bumped up in some places, which is nice. However, that is countered by the fact that the weekly reduction will shut off in 2 weeks (3/26) and likely not come back on until 8.2 releases sometime this summer (if not later).

With that in mind, the AP bumps should have been more significant.

(Butchur) #23

Have you seen the latest and greatest PvP content called Warfronts?


The brawl is just the introduction for the advanced AI. Afterwards, AB with the AI will go into the system as one of the options. In other words, it’s here to stay, not just the occasional brawl.

It’s just a smaller warfront. Because those were so successful…


It’s intended to be added to the regular pvp rotation. If I’m queuing for a random do I have a chance of getting this PvE garbage?

(Butchur) #26

I’m hoping there are a whole heap of class tuning changes because literally not 1 person is happy over in the PvP forums.

Another thing. Why the hell do we still get dismal AP rewards from Rated Arenas?

Why the hell am I forced to do content I don’t enjoy or like to stay competitive in PvP.

Imagine if M+ players were forced to do Rated 3v3 for BiS gear. There would be a riot.


I don’t know about that. I would hope it’s separate from the actual PVP instances. But I guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks when it comes off the Brawl rotation.

Because try as players may, this game has always been PVE with PVP on the side. And the side piece gets little attention.

(Dellexi) #28

Kaivax! Now that you are around these forums, mind telling me if you guys have planed to add pvp ensembles to the pvp stuff vendor? First season was over long time ago.

(Butchur) #29

Never before this expansion had it been necessary. They have effectively killed the entire PvP community this expansion.

(Butchur) #30

This discussions been had and buried. Not that I’m against it personally but it would make alot of people angry.