Where are the Dwarves?

(Scuzz) #2

If you want dwarves, you’re going to have to expand your definition of what counts as an acceptable degree of inclusion.

By which I mean, we have to endure that crystal-coated tree-stump’s attempt at an accent every time we go within 100 miles of a Champs WQ, and that’s the best you’re going to get this time around.

(Dreadmoon) #3

Magni’s been around :wink:

Also there’s the Dark Iron Dwarves showing up a bit.

(Hawkéns) #4

crouches a bit and puts on father winter beard

Yes i r dwarf, where be the ale?

(Thorland) #5

Has there been any more goings on between him and Moira? I was rather peeved we got nothing in BfA since I was so happy seeing them reunite prior to it the launch. It was touching and I was hoping the two could mend their wounds. It was nice to see Magni admit to doing her wrong.

/rereads the above “I’m a very sappy dwarf.” /facepalm


/drops big drill bit on top of a lantern in SW near the AH

The wizard’s not home, go away! … go away!

Oh, I mean … hi.

(Ironghost) #7

Isn’t Muradin a commander in the Arathi Warfront?


What are you talking about OP? There are Dark Irons all over the War Campaign. Or are they not Dwarf enough for you?

What I want to know is where are all the Lightforged Dreanai? We have both DIs and Velfs working in the War Campaign but the only Lightforged Goats I’ve seen are the 7th vendor and the dude who sacrificed himself as a distraction so the Alliance could sneak up on Zandaberg. Edit: forgot we kill one in the raid as well, haven’t done that wing yet.


They’re everywhere, right beneath our feet

(Crowlay) #10

That’s racist!


Hiding under our beards


Most of the focus, obviously has been on The Dark Iron. And has been the focus of Dwarf lore since Mist. Moria has been busy trying getting Dark Irons out of their isolationist / nationalist ways, and forge a strong unity of the Dwarven clans.

To put in Morias words. “It time for our people to step out of the shadows, and help Azeroth.”

I agree, Muradins absence as a vocal leader or even being acknowledged at all, is strange.

Personally I do count Magni. See, Horde characters often end up going mad and dying. Alliance characters often ending up neutral to save the world in some fashion.

(Mightylink) #13

Aren’t all the Dwarves working together in Zandalar right now? Could of sworn I’ve seen wildhammer on a few quests. And Brann is with you during the war campaign in that continent.

There all working with the Dark Iron.

(Brüenor) #14

No lass, they are not dwarf enough for me.

(Gurvus) #15

Ah dinnae ken!


yeah, there’s dark-irons in zuldazar who you help kill goblins. the dwarves are around.


I agree! Where are the giant iron lines of dwarves forming solid on the front like we saw in LotR? Dwarves would be right out in front fighting for their alliance and they have been there with the humans since the beginning! Dwarves are as much a part of the alliance as humans! Some would say dwarves were there first! This is outrageous to have an alliance where dwarves are not thought of as the front line defenders of the alliance…again horrible lore and story telling is it here. The writers are clearly not engaging every avenue of the story. They arent j r r tolkien, but they should AT LEAST be able to cover their races conviently without this many holes. Just sounds like they hired a bunch of amateur writers to do their bidding with no real thought of the game or lore. I bet chris metzen is like "jesus christ, they made a mock frankenstein of my beautiful saga! will ferrell in step brothers: WTF HAPPENED?!

(Thorland) #18

I rather enjoyed reading that. :smiley:


Like myself, probably getting drunk :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kuuretar) #20

In the Drustvar incursion, there are a ton of lightforged defending the back side of Arom’s Stand. Don’t remember doing any quests back there Horde-side, so it might take an effort to find them.


Ok, I have yet to do the Drustvar incursion on either side.