Where are the BFA raid nerfs?

Ion previously said in an interview with MrGM back in patch 10.1 that the plan was to smooth out BFA raids in patch 10.1.5 to become soloable. However, we are quickly approaching patch 10.2.5 and this has not been implemented nor has there been any word on it since then.

I tried linking an article to the interview, but it is not allowing me to. You can just look up MrGM Ion interview on April 25th on icyveins for it, or just watch the MrGM video that he made on it.


I imagine not until Dragonflight replaces BFA as the go-to leveling experience everyone is funneled into.

Ion said in 10.1.5. But, even then, I don’t understand what the raids have to do with the leveling experience. The mobs in the raid are still level 50, they never got scaled to 60 like the open world and normal dungeons did.

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Really was hoping it would be in this patch :C