Where are the arena titles/mounts?

any word on when these are going out? they’ve gone out 2 weeks after a season has ended for every previous season!!!

the mounts only last 24 hours in the mailbox! if these are randomly sent out people could potentially miss looting their mount entirely!!

please respond blizzard!


Where are titles and glad mount!?! Cream has an important cruise in 2 days #prayge

titles today, or nah?

i need my title blizzy, vengi gladi plz i need attention in wow

At the rate these drakes are going out we won’t see s4 drake until ulduar.


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Please give me my mount and title so I can go back to feeding my birds

You all seem so outraged.

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i’m PISSED!!! i thought Bill Gates would bring Justice to this once great company… alas it seems that i was INCORRECT!!!

LFM 1500 rated 5s push for points cap

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BUMP. 10char

Pls Blizzard, I need to show off my Challenger title in Exodar to my e-girlfriend

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I woke up before 4pm for the titles where are they?

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im a really big irl and these titles are the only thing i look forward to in my rather short life span.


I need to get to the quel’danas portal .0005 seconds faster so we can start wiping in sunwell ASAP c’mon Blizz

my mom said no food if i dont get rival, pls blizz

Please take your time. No rush blizz its just a mount

we require a little communication here, Blizzard!!!

given that theres like 12 weeks until i cant fly anymore in wrath we gotta get this ship turned around boys

My wyvern just collapsed under the weight of my Tauren pls blizz I need the drake or I’ll have to walk everywhere

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It takes time to ban all the double rogue teams for violating TOS. Hang in there bros