Where are the April Fools posts?

Blizzard always honors April Fools by posting bogus things on the website on April 1st. Where are the jokes?

Or are allied races, class design, and Azerite gear already the jokes?


It 615am over there. Patience!

And that last bit, don’t cut yourself on that edge!


You mean like this: World of Warcraft Patch 8.6.7 Build 5309

I would tell you that you should look first, but far be it from me to ruin someone’s Monday Morning Edge.


It’s like right under this post :grin:

they made one about some patch leak, It was lame. Very very lame . Its really obvious that no one at Blizzard has any passion for this game left

Someone’s a downer.

I am disapointed. Always look forward to April fools posts. But this was not even like they tried. It was like they rushed it last minute

They got laid off couple weeks ago.

April fools.

I think this is the most critical thing I’ve ever seen you say on this forum. :frowning:

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Then you don’t know me very well.


Cancelled due to budget cuts and layoffs.

the patch notes are the April fools thing


Lucklustre at best.

Not that I’m surprised.

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They already posted one in the pinned Blue area.

It’s there, but you need the new Trust Level 4 to view it.

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