Whenever I see someone come up with the 'next best idea' for WoW

I’m reminded of Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokemon.

“You all think you have great ideas or Pokemon games, but if I actually listened to all of you and we combined all of your ideas in a game, it would be an unplayable monstrosity. You want a game with all the regions, but only the first generation Pokemons, yet all the legendary ones and such silly things. Whenever I receive one of these rants, I go to the development floor and read it out loud to all the Game Freak employees in a mocking voice, and we all laugh at you.”
– Satoshi Tajiri


Devs and creators in general can be one of the most egotistical and hard headed people. I do agree you can’t just take all ideas, feed back etc seriously and just add it in but looking at it as Satoshi did, I donno if I’d approach it that way, he came off a tad jerkish there lol

He hasn’t made the best choices himself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What in Bidoof’s name is going on in here?

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There is a happy medium between mocking every idea you receive, and implementing literally all of them.

Satoshi seems to forget that developers and players cannot exist without the other.


I have heard “devs know better, so trust the process. It will get good, I promise” before.


Yeah, some of the best ideas are the simplest.

But since we’re talking about the next best idea for WoW in the context of Pokemon, how about they implement Dynamax for battle pets, including new max raids for new pets?

It’s time for the next evolution of the battle pets system!

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true but with bethesda we have this

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When companies give customers what they say they want


sounds like a turd
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I agree. Some Ideas, and people in general, are just insanity. Some people are trolling lol.

But some are level headed. For example, I think that adding the classic wow 1-60 overworld back into the retail game again would be a great idea. At the end of the day, others might disagree with me also. But I don’t think it is an insane idea.

It also depends on how you present it. Like if you just say, man like, if blizz doesn’t implement this idea, I am going to unsub. I think that has really been one of the things that has gotten us to where we are today. People just threatening to quit jobs or whatever to get what they want or their ideas pushed through. That is never a good way to go at developer’s and see you or your ideas in a good light. Yet people do it all the time.

I think people forget that the people in power are the ones making the content you like. These people are making the decisions. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. It is entirely at the developer’s disgression.

Now, you can keep asking in a nice way for the same Idea. I do it all the time. I would love the classic wow overworld in retail. But I am not going to expect it at the same time. I still hope it happens though.

I remember folks begging for majora’s mask 3D from the zelda team at nintendo. For a long while, they basically kept being vague about it. But nintendo does like to troll. I still think that they had it in development the whole time. Then we saw a mm mask in link between worlds. I do find it cool when devs do that kind of stuff. No official confirmations but not a no answer either.

And of course with that we did eventually get mm 3D. And it was amazing.

I think that is something to keep in mind though. Try asking nicely. And don’t be or sound entitled at all. You can ask for an idea all you want. But you have to do it as a level minded person. And sometimes, you just might have to realize that your ideas might be a bit obsurd. Like I have seen some pretty strange ideas on these forums.

Some crap belongs in classic, other crap belongs in retail, mixing them together again would be madness imo.

They can be. I wish more content creators were more like AVGN.

He can easily cycle out all of the bad crazy things and ideas going on out there. But he always delivers on his content promises. And he listens to his community to.

It shouldn’t be all one sided. The best part for me at least, with everything getting all political nowadays, he never seems to get caught up in that stuff at all. Like alot of american companies are just getting stupid. And they enable alot of stuff to.

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My rebel sand kitten wow pokemons scoff at this entire thread.

I honestly don’t think it would be.

Why do you think it would be madness? It would just be another option for leveling under the chromie time banner.

I feel like people can have opinions, but I also feel like it is important to explain why.

For example, the reason I have my opinion the way it is, is because I feel like it would add more to the game. New players and old players could experience this content and have fun doing so. I definitely don’t think it should be a classic wow exclusive either. I think this is one of the reasons why wow started to drift in popularity also when cataclysm came out. We were playing a game with 90 percent of it’s content deleted.

I often wonder how cataclysm would have been received if they had kept the old overworld in the game, and just gave you the option of choosing both if you wanted to while leveling up. As well as not getting rid of weapon skills, keeping ammo in the game, etc. It would probably have a different audience than it does now for sure. Losing the old overworld was one of the biggest mistakes they made to me.

Or if wow had gone on this long, and they never added a dungeon or raid finder. It would be a different reality, that is for sure.

We’re always mocking our dumb customers at my job, too. It’s a nice way to blow off some steam and get some laughs.

Regardless of what some care bears will tell you, some people are indeed worthy of some light ridicule.


The classes, specs, leveling experience and a whole bunch of other stuff are completely different when comparing classic V retail.

I think with the old overworld coming back, it would just be another leveling option. And just like there are some chromie time options I don’t choose now because I don’t like them, the people who don’t like the classic wow chromie time option can ignore that one also.

It wasn’t really a different experience. In classic it is, but not when all of those quests just straight up scale to every level in the game. In my op it could work. You could pick up any quest in the classic overworld and just zerg through them. Just like you do in any other chromie time questing option. Or cherry pick the zones you like and don’t like while going forward as well. It would be my go to chromie time option if it was in.

I’m confused. Is the solution to completely ignore what customers are willing to pay for?

The reason it takes a day or so to level up is because this is what blizzard wants. How would you incorporate a leveling experience that took a month or more, including changing zones as you ran out of quests, because most zones didn’t have enough quests? Would mob grinding become a thing again, with mobs dropping usable gear?

I wouldn’t use the creator of Pokemon to make this argument. As somebody who grew up with and to this day utterly adores Pokemon, the guy likes to conveniently forget there hasn’t been a universally well received iteration of it in quite some time and some of their more recent examples are just releasing versions people really liked again.

This is quite literally the guy who almost completely killed the franchise in Generation 3 because he had some kind of crazy idea that the 252 Pokemon he’s already made he was not happy with and felt they were abominations to his newer, more refined works of Hoenn. So he without telling anybody refused to put ANY of the original 252 into Gen 3, made an entire roster of basically the same Pokemon with different types or looks and called it new.

This move was so well received it ends in Nintendo having to spend a lot of extra work with Fire Red and Leaf Green to calm down an outrage over the decision, which became another one because it basically came off like “Yeah, we didn’t put a way to get any of the originals in the games, but you can get them with this new version and our trusty link cable!!!”

Especially when a lot of the complaints about Pokemon stem from HIS obsession with having to add at least 100 Pokemon every damn time, he’s into the thousands now but you have actually half of that because half of the roster is more or less the same generic Pokemon from a different reason. It’s totally not a Pidgey, nah, it’s Tailow, or Rookidee, or any of the other 5 other generic early game flying type Pokemon that might have an offtype evolution later.

And the fact a lot of typings are over saturated because he can’t seem to figure out how to come up with ideas for some combinations. How many Fire/Fighting starters are we going to get? Is there ever going to be a shake up on the 3 starting types?

Or that for some reason gyms are the worst trainers who just frontload one type, maybe an ace has an offtype. Then the champion, the usually final fight, is the ONLY trainer who uses a semi realistic roster that covers its weaknesses and augments its strengths. This should be done to gym leaders too… ffs in the latest one the electric type leader’s ace was a Ghost that knew one Electric move but was “Electric” because it terastallized to that type.