When you think about it Arena is like DBZ


Starting Fights are just for show (nothing dies before dampening)

Matches last forever (Next time on Dragon Ball Z)

Nothing Ever Dies or brought back from the dead constantly (Senzu Beans)

Stuff only dies during CDs (HEH THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM)

Disc priests are Dende, Holy Priests are Hercule/Mr Satan

(Redxyz) #2

semi deco analogy. But who is Yamcha?


enhance shamans are krillin

(Butchur) #4



Feel like Dks are perfect cell, ghouls and stuff being saibamen

(Remixxed) #6

destro warlocks are majin buu


I’d argue destro locks are like Frieza man idk chaos bolt is are like death beans/balls


Hunter is Picollo, used to be relevant and now turned into side character like Krillin.

(Redxyz) #9

sub rouges are chi chi they are like the cheerleader


Destro is obviously Beerus, the literal god of “destruction.”

(Tassili) #11

Fire mages are actually goku.
Cause greater pyro takes longer than spirit bomb to cast.

(Dillon) #12

Ya when I play disc jungle I feel like a team of Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha and everyone I fight is a team of Cell, Buu, and well I can’t really think of a 3rd person that’s really hard to kill so we’ll just make it two Buu’s and Cell.

Existence is suffering I’m just a bald midget playing with a dude whos girl ditched him for a mass murderer

(Vulti) #13

demon hunters are super saiyans, meta is ultra instinct

(Thedîesel) #14

You left out the 20 minutes of screaming.

(Nahj) #15

Well DH’s can blade dance/blur dodge from behind.

Only plothole is chaos bolt cast time too fast.


There’s not nearly enough yelling or trash talking with dramatic dialogue. Every AWC should be like a WWE opener with long Monologues followed by trash talking.