When will the horde account for the crimes

Generally, you get 3 strikes, and if you keep doing evil stuff after the third time you get put to the sword. This is the hordes 4-5th time they revert to their evil ways.

It’s not just sylvanas, it wasn’t just garrosh, it wasn’t just the demons, it’s YOU horde, you choose to let these things propagate as a excuse to do evil things.

It’s time the horde accounted for it’s crimes. What crimes you might ask? Millions.


It’s okay, murder isn’t a crime if the name is red.


Probably never, since the Horde has the most rabid/devouted fan base and the Devs lean more red than blue.

So expect constant wrist slaps and designated heroics on their part, while it’s demanded that we, the Alliance, stop being “boring”.


Eat my shorts paladin.


When we actually do something wrong.


When will the Alliance account for their crimes against the Trolls and Tauren?

oh please, the Alliance is chock full of mary sues with insane power that get stronger and stronger each expansion while the horde keeps losing leaders.

The Alliance whining about being put upon storywise is insanely pathetic. You’re already catered to.


Yes, because being reactionary set pieces to the Horde’s story is “being catered to”.


I mean 90% of the horde is Belfs and fox people I’d say that’s a pretty good punishment.


I want to bomb ogrimmar until everychildren , woman and men is dead … . you know thats not wrong at all :).

Your logic btw.


So does the Alliance get a free pass on Camp Taurajo?

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Horde hardliners always conveniently forget the vast crimes against life and nature they’ve committed since before they stepped through the Dark Portal, but they’ll never let one of us Blues forget a Tauren military outpost we took out.

While also trying to blame Arthas on us.

Edit: Post above me literally proves my point.


The people who say : taraujo ; its the most stupid people i have ever read tbh if we compare with the horde crimes LOL.

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Garrosh didn’t do anything evil, he was just an Orc being an Orc, whom didnt even want power. Thrall forced it on him, blamed him for everything even though Gorrosh didn’t care to have a leadership role, then blatantly cheated during a Mak’Gora and committed murder.

Garrosh was the last greatest Warcheif for the Horde.

YOU WILL SERVE THE HORDE. or be crushed beneath it…


Oh boy, Op, you open the can of worms now.


Garrosh didn’t nuke a city.

Or attempt to steal another WMD.

Or unleash an Old God.

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Lol that’s alliance for you think that every bad thing they have done in the past And never accounted for is automatically removed from history because of this You guys are no innocents either. I don’t remember hearing an apology for everything you have done to the Trolls. So no apologies for you.


First, that was the Old Alliance; unlike the Horde, it wasn’t one continuous entity, but two separate political bodies entirely that carried the same name.

Second off, Trolls are warmongering, xenophobic expansionist imperials. They got what they had coming to them.

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Only Alliance do something against the trolls ? werent the trolls enemies for everyone ? YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM “CANCEL CULTURE FACTION”.

The trolls were a threat to everyone in Azeroth not only Alliance btw holy molly.


One expansion where the story has slightly more Horde focus (because they’re setting up the next expansion’s villain), and y’all whine like you’re abused children.

Legion was insanely Alliance focused with the exception of Highmountain and Suramar, and the NB weren’t even Horde until the expansion was over. But for some reason Alliance posters always ignore the fact that it’s story heavily catered to them.


Garrosh didn’t nuke the city nor gave the order. It was a band of goblins.

Garrosh wasn’t attempting to unleash an old god, but to control it for hgimself for the betterment of the Horde.

he was willing to go to great length to put him and his people first in spite of the Alliance he hated.

Thrall is the one who put him into power, knowing his temperament and hatred fueled warmongering goals.

Rest well, Warcheif. Last pair of large cojones the Horde will have for awhile