When will the gates open for nonWar effort servers

Nobody cares to turn in anything on my server. How long will it take for AQ to open on its own?

Dang that sucks bro.

wow fairbanks too? We are 20% done, if we beat the megaservers I will be amazed.

anyway, to answer the question the blue post said that after 30 days materials will slowly begin to auto-turn in, but they didn’t say how long or how fast that will take. It also said that someone still has to complete the quest and bang a gong regardless of the auto turn ins for the gate to open.

We had a gong ringer like in the first 4 days, but no one cares to spend their mats on a war effort.

I’m pretty sure the blue post said they would be open by Nax. Any idea why people aren’t participating?

Personally I have better things to do. Many of us don’t raid and don’t care if the gates ever open. I farm, explore, and pvp - that’s how I have fun in game.

I just transferred to Arcanite Reaper, an extremely low population server especially for the Horde. I like the quiet life. It is slow and beautiful there. Very few raiders on the Horde side because the pop is so very low.

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It’s not just the smaller servers. I’m curious what do large but badly unbalanced servers do where it’s like 95 /5 faction split. Perhaps they help funnel mats through the neutral Audion house via some collaboration?

i too appreciate the fine minutiae of a well executed one-pull Maraudon run. the finer things in life!

Some of the mats are expensive.

A bunch of the turn ins are worth like 10-20g each and around a couple thousand of those turn ins have to be done. That’s not cheap.

All the big guilds on my server are in a staring contest over it lol…

Skeram is already done its war effort.

Ok… How? Curious.

Majority faction sending mats to alt accounts to do the turn ins.

Same with Incendius. Opened ASAP. Just buckle up and get it done. Every week costs your entire server some of the best items in the game.

lol and with transfers locked down sucks to be you folks on these unbalanced servers will not be seeing AQ 20 or 40 anytime soon, theres always P6.

The autocomplete starts after 30 days. I haven’t seen an official number, but some are saying that the autocomplete will probably be like 3% per day? If so, that’s like 2 months tops, even if nobody turns in anything. So late September.

Most of the overstacked servers have mega guilds on them from private servers that have been hoarding supplies since day one. Both Skeram and Incendius were done on first day for this reason. I’m sure Sulfuras was done before both.

No one is in a hurry to do the war effort because they are going for the timed exclusive mount grind first. The war effort isn’t going anywhere.

I can’t wrap my head around people not wanting to open AQ. SO MUCH GOLD FROM VENDOR ITEMS SHOULD BE ENOUGH MOTIVATION TO FARM AND TURN IN MATS.

not sorry for caps

The items aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Its fine.

Eh, I’m not interested in farming the low level mats to finish the war effort. High level ones were finished by the time I got home from work after patch day. So I’m perfectly happy to sit here and wait. The other turnins are not worth my time.

Some folks are holding off so they can get more people the mount.

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