When will Rets be nerfed?

Wings with 40 percent uptime . Running around with bubble and 1 shotting ppl. Really WTF

Literally ten minutes before you posted.


This is troll timing, yes?

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No just pure coincidence . Came to rage after getting destroyed by a Ret in BG.

3 percent reduction in damage is not enough . But the SoV reduction is welcome


Blizz: -beats up hunters and a major nerf for being op-

Paladins: -blizzard slaps wrist and gives them a lollipop-

*Got destroyed by a ret




I’m sorry but that’s hilarious


Where else will I rage :joy::joy:

I think the OP is talking about PvP and the new nerfs do nearly nothing to address their problems there.

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And how many times has a hunter has been really powerful? And compare that to how many times ret has been really powerful?

I’ll give you the fact that you have three different chances versus their one… Hunters have been in a good position for a very long time. They still are

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Hunters still pretty strong in PvP . But they have no defenses , so they die when focused . Pally’s running around shielded with bubble and melting everything in 20 yards is something else though

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be corrected. I am saying that I take any hunter complaints with a huge heaping teaspoon of salt

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lose the bubble an we’ll talk…

I don’t make the rules sir. But i’m pretty sure you have aspect of the turtle. Disengage and range.

Pals have been up and down on the meters since i can recall. It is the one spec bliz tends to rather fast, if and when something comes up.

aspect of the turtle: prevents direct attacks, prevents user from attacking, does not get rid of debuffs.

Disengage: has 1 use with a short cd with most classes having a easy pursue.

survival rarely does.

meanwhile paladins are almost immune too slow’s with 2 stacks of a ability, bubbles are immune too dmg, removes debuffs, and can deal reduce dmg 50%.

they are also burst dmg majority, an have self heals.

i’m not sure this is a fair comparison.

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Well I mean you’re never going to have a directly fair comparison right? Again i’m not saying they should not be brought in line.

Every class has a kryptonite. I agree that ret doesn’t have very many and should be brought in line, But just because rets can more easily beat a hunter is not necessarily a problem