When will MM get lust baseline?

It isn’t clunky and there’s no dps loss.

I miss my cranes brez.

So it’s a zero loss in AOE? Nice. Here I was thinking using a pet was a loss. Nice to know we can use pets and do the exact same dps in all scenarios. Thanks guys!

From what ive read, pet for MM isnt a dps loss (or at worse like 1% or something below a full % anyway) for single target. What it may give lower damage is for aoe situation since MM’s pet don’t have aoe attack and your aoe attack lose the lone wolf bonus making them do less damage in those situation.

But honestly, having no pet making thing easier, and you dont lose anything if summoning it for a raid/dungeon boss (and the heroism you will get from it is super good, too good to pass up for a passive minor damage buff affecting you only)